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10 Internet Safety and Technology Use Tips for Parents

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10 Internet Safety and Technology Use Tips for Parents

Parents of today’s generation are raising kids in a rapidly progressing digital landscape. Children can learn, understand, and accomplish their tasks in an efficient manner with the help of the internet. But parents all over the world know that the benefits of Cyber-net outweigh the dis-benefits. Teens snap, text and won’t look up from mobile phones. Thus, isn’t it necessary to combat child’s screen time control?

Keep your child safe and secure with one of the best kid safe app for android.

Besides various responsibilities of parenting, one more is added of checking child’s online habits and guiding them safely through the digital frontier. Just as you have taught your kid to remain safe on the streets while crossing the road, it is essential to teach them a few secure digital skills.

 10 Technology Use and Safety Tips for Parents

  1. Teach your kids about cybersecurity and online threats:

If your child spends more time on Cyber-net and takes advantage of the learning opportunities, you need to explain them about online risks.

Raise awareness in your children regarding safe browsing, malicious sites, cyber-bullying, etc. The more you communicate openly about internet hazards; it will be easier for your kids to approach you during difficult times.

Following set of questions can be useful for you and your kids that explains various matters to take into consideration:

  • How should kids know their device is infected?
  • How to make children safe from online scams?
  • How to safely use social media sites?
  • What kind of readings is suitable for kids intellectual?
  • What are the resources of safe browsing?
  1. Define time boundaries of internet usage:

Digital world might be fascinating for kids, but parents wary about excessive screen time.

If you observe your kid is getting addicted to staying up all night on the internet, it is an indication for you to set usage limits.

Screen time control ought to be minimized; otherwise, it can cause severe diseases to kids.

However, you can control the unrestricted use of device with Time Schedule app. Children are bound to follow time boundaries of using each application with child monitoring app.

  1. Listen to child’s concern:

Do you check your child’s gadgets regularly? How much do you know about their digital lives?

Not much, right? Because kids always find ways to evade your attention.

Pretend that you are not aware much about internet usage and let your kids start talking.

Be patient and listen to your child. Let them explain to your usage of social media platforms and how to viral the latest YouTube video.

  1. Use parental control app to scrutinize kids’ online activities:

It’s difficult for parents to keep a watch on child’s online tasks when they can connect internet with various devices. Kid safety app can help. The software tracks your teen’s digital movements and controls it.

Parental control app acts as a guardian, and help parents to examine kid’s internet usage better, keep track of web pages, control the screen time or use App Install Blocker.

  1. Create good online habits:

Cybersecurity awareness is essential these days. Explain children to avoid talking to strangers online, how to differentiate between the real and fake posts on social media platforms, risks associated with too much screen time, etc. Don’t allow the use of gadgets during meals or bed-time.

  1. Teach the value of face to face communication:

Back and forth conversations are best to improve language skills in children. Teach your kids to meet their friends in person and share good thoughts instead of screen chatting.

Kids can learn the etiquettes of communication and talk freely with people.

  1. Ask kids not to disclose passwords:

Although, everyone is aware of the importance of keeping passwords a secret, but a child may not. It takes hardly a minute to expose everything stored in a device if it is not passcode protected.

Teach children to safeguard their accounts with strong passwords having a combination of letters, figures, and symbols. Ask your kids to change secret code every 3 months and not to use the identical passcode across different accounts.

Make sure that teens should not share their codes with anyone and keep it safe with parents.

  1. Don’t ignore health issues:

Unrestricted use of smartphone invites critical illness. Researchers have shown uprising percentage of diseases of excessive screen time and device addiction in kids.

Children are prone to serious ailments like:

  • brain /ear tumour
  • Blindness
  • Cancer
  • Serious ligament issues
  • Weight gain
  • Eating and sleeping disorder
  • Frustration
  • Depression

Hence, before any significant illness occurred to child, parents should take precautionary steps.

Use parental control app to mitigate risks of bad health and remain connected with kid’s digital lives. You can use the Time Schedule app to manage excessive hours or App Install Blocker to block malicious applications.

  1. Click with care:

Cyber hackers are dangerous too. If your child uses smartphones, tablets, or laptops, ensure that they are aware of viruses. Odd emails from the reputable organization, spelling mistakes, threatening messages urging quick actions are few spots of a phishing email. It injects the malware in devices.

Explain kids about not to click on any links in emails. Show them how to drift the mouse over the link and assure that it is redirecting to a reputable web page. Teach them about common bugs that can enter by accidentally clicking to dubious link that lead them to a pornography site.

  1. Don’t leave the device unattended:

Electronic gadgets have a decent resale value. However, the data stored in devices generate more value than the physical tool. Important information like address, passwords, financial account credentials fetches a pretty good price in the underground economy. Criminals collect all the information together and can commit identity theft.

Teens are easy targets for thieves because they can share personal information unknowingly with stranger friend. Educate kids about the importance of gadgets and not to leave it unattended.

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