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10 Useful Tips and Tricks of Using iPad

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10 Useful Tips and Tricks of Using iPad

Apple’s iPad is considered the best tablet available in the market. Every year, Apple releases a new version of the iOS that makes the experience better. With the update comes the latest feature that makes it run efficiently and increase productivity.

We are aware of the standard features that the iPad provides. However, there are many tricks and tips that many people are not aware of.

Today, in this blog, we are going to share with you top 10 useful tips and tricks of using the iPad that will help you in getting the most of your gadget.

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  1. Earlier times, the iPad never offered the multitasking facility. However, to stay ahead in the competition with the Android and Windows, it has finally brought the feature.

While using the single app, you can also open another app in the sidebar at the edge of the display.

All you need is to swipe in the right, then a detailed list of compatible apps will pop up.

Tap the one you want to use, and then it will launch the column next to the other app you have opened.

This specific trick works only in iPad 2 and iPad Pro only.

  1. Did you know that Apple offers you a universal search feature? You don’t need to hunt anymore on multiple pages or perhaps apps.

You don’t need to open music to play the song. Simply, go for the Spotlight Search that helps you in finding everything from music, videos, to contacts, apps, and more.

To locate the Spotlight Search on the iPad, swipe down with your finger when you are on your home screen. However, the trick is to swipe down in the middle of the screen. If you swipe from top to bottom then it will open the notifications.

The Spotlight Search will also search through the notes. Please turn it on and off through the general settings of your iPad.

  1. Are you tired of typing on the iPad with a single finger? Want to feel similar to the laptop typing? Well, it is certainly possible by splitting the Apple Keyboard. It allows you to split the keyboard, so one-half goes to one side, and the other goes to another side. Alongside, keep a tablet holder that will give you exact feel of using a laptop.

This does not work individually with the 11 and 12-inch iPad Pro.

  1. Our one of many favorite tricks is the copy and paste from iPhone to iPad. It requires little setup. Ensure that both the devices are connected via the same iCloud account. WiFi and Bluetooth should be enabled.

Once the set up is ready, then select the relevant information and copy it. Later long press on another, Apple connected the device and click Paste.

  1. Apple does not offer wired or Bluetooth mice. Hence, there is a substitute provided by the company. When the digital keyboard is visible, then put your two fingers on the keyboard and then move around. Keyboard’s key will vanish thereon, allowing to move the cursor in the display.
  2. Apple didn’t mention the handy tool that helps you draw straight lines in the notes. Place the fingers on the screen, and a ruler will show. Rotate it anywhere you want to bring the straight lines. Also, the Apple Pencil also produces a straight line with a ruler.
  3. There are many third party scanner apps available in the app store. But they aren’t necessary at all as Apple permits you to scan the documents and then make the PDF right from the Notes App.

Once you have found the document, you wish to scan then open a new document from the Notes and press the plus sign. Then press the scanned document. With the markup tool or Apple pencil, you can even sign the document and save as PDF.

  1. Many of us who tend to forget where they have kept their iPad. During such times, you need to keep track on if it possesses much personal information. Apple has the system name “Find my iPad,” which helps you in tracking down and locates your iPad.

To activate the feature, go to settings ->icloud->Find my iPad. Be sure that the switch is turned on.

  1. You can actually restart your iPad without actually clicking the home button. Yes! You heard that, right! To restart the iPad faster, go to the settings ->General->Accessibility->Assistive Touch.

Please turn it on and then customize the menu by adding restart action.

  1. The Face ID system is the best part about the iPad, especially when you are holding it in the portrait mode. TrueDepth Camera is brilliant that it identifies your face irrespective of the direction. It will also work with the Landscape mode and even when the iPad is upside down.

When the Camera is at the bottom, then the iPad will demand you to look down in unlocking the iPad.

Press down the lower right on your digital keyboard. And then press Split. There you go! The keyboard is split. If you wish to return back to the usual keyboard, then press down for long and then tap Dock and Merge button.

So, that was all about the ten useful tips and tricks using the iPad. Apart from this, there are plenty of other suggestions. We hope that you have learned something new today. If you like the blog, then do share and drop your experience in the comment section below.

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