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3 Common Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

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More than half of the world nowadays is attached to their respective smartphones to stay connected with people, friends, colleagues, social media, work and so on. On an average, people spend around 3 hours with mobile every day. Hence, it is preferable to focus on mobile as a part of marketing tool to leverage maximum out of it and get the best of the technology.

However, there are always certain typical mistakes that businesses do while opting for mobile marketing. There goes the list of it and also the way to avoid them:

Limit your tactics a mobile marketing campaign can include: You might find that mobile marketing is limited to SMS (short message service) or display advertisement with mobile app. But, the truth is not this. The capability and tactics a mobile marketing campaign hold is way more than this and is pretty robust. Numerous researches have proved that most of the people prefer checking mails and notifications via mobile and not their desktop or laptops.

All you need to do is, choose from a wide array of mobile media and tactics to let user get engaged with your approach. List down the mobiles before actually deploying the campaign to it. Select the ad networks and then buy the email list and printing medium that would support the campaign.

Don’t make the Transition between Channels Seamless: Whatever be your target, whether it is to increase the user engagement with a social media page or to draw more traffic to website the user must get a seamless experience with the mobile platform. You need to keep in mind that the person who is checking your email through mobile must get the best of experience. They would go for only those who would offer a seamless process and appropriate m-commerce platform.

You to accomplish them follow these steps:

Work on the mobile site layout, its text and user flow in an organized manner.

Include some of the mobile specific features in such a way that it becomes user friendly.

Incorporate some of the mobile-friendly features that have the ability to log in to accounts like that of social media, get in touch with business, and so on.

Increase creativity to draw audience: If you think people get impatient and does not pay attention to your creative stuffs, then you might be wrong. However, with this idea in mind, do not limit your creativity. The more you make your mobile campaign creative, the better it would for you in the longer run. You can use videos, interactive shots, messages and idea through your campaign as well. You can use the social media platform as well to use for your business growth as social media is now accessible through mobile.

Mobile marketing being a new tactic in the block for businesses, it has a lot of potential and holds capability to make it for you. So use it the way it is formed to be used, keeping in mind the user-friendliness of consumers.

Mobile marketing is a newer tactic to businesses of all sizes, and it may take some trial and error to master. Keep these common mistakes in mind when developing your mobile marketing program to develop a deeper understanding of the mobile tactics that resonate with your audience.


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