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3 Most Popular Gadgets of 2015- A must have for all Americans.

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What is the definition of the best gadget? Any gadget that meets three popular parameters set by the consumers, including- eye catching, efficient in terms of performance and affordable, is without a doubt one of the best gadgets that the market has to offer. The past year saw a number of gadgets being produced and launched, out of which only few have been able to conquer a spot in the market with a good number of the American consumers betting for them. These items have within a short span of time come to become some of the post popular and highly sought after gadgets of 2014-15.

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The list of top 3 most popular gadgets in the American Market:

Out of the hundreds of gadgets produced every single year, the ones that that have been able to conquer the top 3 positions in the year 2015, include-

Number 1– Withings Pulse

Withing pluse

The Withings Pulse is one of the smartest activity trackers that the American market has come to see yet. The gadget ticks all the right boxes when it comes to efficiency and meets with all the necessary requirements of the consumers. It is compact, good looking, handy, wearable and most importantly, keeps track of all your work outs throughout the day. Whether you be going out for a jog, or hopping on to the treadmill, whether you be climbing stairs, or participating in some cycling this tool keeps track of everything. The gadget gives you constant statistics of your work out and compares it with your previous work out history. It is a complete fitness guide. Not only does it push you to new levels in exercising but also keeps track of your sleep cycles.

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Number 2– iPad Mini with Retina Display-

ipad mini

Apple has always been leading the American gadget scene and it continues to do so now as well. Ever since the launch of the iPad Mini Retina Display, the gadget has secured its spot on the top. Though it faces tough competition from the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HDX, the tab has succeeded in maintaining its top position, due to its improved display, mighty internal storage and a lot of other advanced features. The Apple tablet, though pricier in comparison to its competitors, has yet proved itself to be the favourite of its customers.

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Number 3– Misfits Wearables Shine


When speaking of fitness tracker, the Misfits Wearable Shines takes things to a whole new level. As far as handy is concerned, you can keep this compact gadget on your body in a number of different ways. Operating on an iOS system, the tracker very conveniently syncs all the stats with the phone of the user. This has surely made to the A list of gadgets launched in America, in the past one year.

Some other gadgets that have made their way to the most popular list, include, the Mophie Space Pack, Water pebble, Sony Smart Watch 2, Logitech power Shell, Aero Press, etc.

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  1. The last one , no 3 is interesting in design. I loved the concept of getting it into my locket or wristwatch or even like a bracelet if I wish to. Misfits Wearables Shine looks like something from the Sci-Fi movie. Thumbs up to the designer.

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