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5 Best Web Hosting Services To Create a Website!

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is a mechanism whereby companies and persons post a website or a web page over the internet. Web host (the provider of such services) lets your site/page to be viewed across the internet and are stored on servers (read special computers).

The users can access your web by simply typing in your URL and what happens at the backend is their computer is connected via those servers, in turn, delivering them the desired or displaying the content of the website through their browsers.

For hosting, you need to have the domain name such as or else it could be .org or you can go for a more regionalized approach such as or .ae which is then subsequently purchased.

Web hosting service providers assist you in helping pick one for yourself if you don’t already have a domain name.We’ll now look at some of the best web hosting services available out there:

1.  Inmotion Hosting

This is one of the top hosting services in terms of high performance and has been catering the needs of many professional businesses worldwide. Inmotion delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction among webmasters and the web hosting review websites.

Their hosting services are available for all sizes of business and offer Linux-based support as well such as shared, VPS and Dedicated. They also have reselling options at the disposal of addressing web developers and designers. Inmotion scores full marks in its reliability department too.

It surely has edge over its rivals and can be best suited to those companies that are looking for a solid blend of features and affordability.

2.  Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is a web hosting service especially suited for small business websites. They just offer shared hosting plans as in Inmotion above (no VPS or Dedicated). Provided its limitation it still’s a perfect fit for entrepreneurs and small-sized companies seeking speedy, reliable and affordable hosting service.

Web Hosting Hub is relatively easier to set up and can prove to be an astounding choice for new sites that are just starting out or those with shared hosting. It comes with cPanel integration and carries a single click install of all the major applications through Softaculous.

Rest assured a strong selection for businesses and persons on the lookout for the fast and dependable way in hosting their websites.

3.  iPage

A renowned web hosting service due to being in the low-cost provider category (for its initial setup cost only), featuring rich shared web hosting. Often hailed as the top web hosting service by independent reviewing websites, it is well suited for webmasters operating within financial constraints.

Relatively cheaper and convenience in hosting a simple website is the way to go with iPage. You will be amazed at its user-friendly control panels i.e. vDeck, which contains a range of tools for customers to easily alter and keep their web hosting account.

One complaint as you too as a reader must have figured out is that while renewing your subscription of the service it gets pricey, so don’t go in opting for it based solely on the low price as it is just a one-time benefit. Think long-term; think what will you do when you’ll be charged like any other upon renewal?

The effective method to counter this is to sign up for their longest term plan, mind you. This way you will be availing their introductory price offer to its fullest. VPS & Dedicated plans are included on top of other add-ons for bigger sites.

4.  HostGator

Easily among the top 10 web hosting services in the world, HostGator brings you all-purpose hosting. It’s favorable for WordPress users in addition to offering a wide range of plans to both Windows and Linux based servers.

Its services entail shared, VPS, cloud, Dedicated and reseller web hosting. Though, a bit pricey (given its premium web hosting quality), but as with iPage above subscribe for HostGator’s longer term plans which are generally for 36 months.

5.   A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting can be understood as an alternative to Inmotion Hosting and a favorable choice for web developers, small to medium sized businesses, eCommerce websites in addition to WordPress users with its quick support and implementation of latest developmental software.

Aforementioned is few of the positively reviewed web hosting services for you to choose from.

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