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Over the last few years, digital marketing has been experiencing tremendous changes. For this reason, many companies are striving to keep the pace with the host of transitions that occur every year. Evidently, 2019 is no exception. As an entrepreneur, knowing what will define digital marketing trends in 2019 is essential.

There is a dramatic shift taking place everywhere. A company needs to examine the changing trends for it to stay relevant in the market. Consumers want a more integrated experience that tends to be a challenge for digital marketing experts. 2018 experienced many changes.

What should firms expect from digital marketing trends in 2019?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential aspect of digital marketing. The truth is that it can substitute human abilities to produce improved results. The potential of this trend attracts the majority of digital marketing experts. Businesses can utilize AI to improve their marketing exponentially. For instance, it promotes low-priced augmented business outreach and a first hand in competition. AI is designed to do great work by effectively interpreting customer behavior and research patterns. It can assist organizations to understand their acumen of products and services.

Artificial intelligence

AI can be used in various tasks such as scoring your database and offering insights to your staff members. For instance, you can leverage this technology to get prospects who appear like your current clients or scan communications in social media platforms to get a real-time intel on your rivals.

Many organizations use Artificial Intelligence every day. The technology is helpful to learning institutions like daycares, child care centers, and preschools. In a quest for them to increase the enrollment, AI will help them attract the right form of prospects. In these cases, analyzing existing and previous enrollment is the most effective way to get prospects. They downloaded client data will be leveraged to identify the zip codes and neighborhoods that should be targeted and also what qualities the parents have in common.


The AI incorporated kind of messaging allows companies to communicate with their consumers effectively. With the help of the virtual messaging system, companies have a chance to save a lot. Furthermore, many tech-savvy companies are expected to transition to chatbots by 2022. This will allow companies to save up to $8 billion annually. With the help of Artificial intelligence technology, chatbots can better examine purchaser history and respond promptly. They can also offer improved customer satisfaction and assist companies on other essential responsibilities.


The bots will help you handle various client tasks and incorporate it into your system to respond to repetitive client questions. Other benefits of the chatbots include warming prospects, scheduling sales appointments and making purchases. For instance, you can set up a chatbot to assist a client to close a deal without the need for a human.

Before you invest in a chatbot, find out if you will want to utilize the bot for client service or in more of a sales volume.

Personalization and Programmatic Advertising

When running a business, you need to stand out among your competition as this will help you get recognized. This requires personalization that involves integrating the company’s image into everything. Nevertheless, the roles of personalization are easy. Nowadays, buy history, client habits and client preferred links are easily accessible. Customization will assist in nurturing better client relationships.

Currently, many companies are trying to implement this trend. Efficiency, fast response times, improved conversion and low cost in consumer acquisition are the reasons that companies are interested in this strategy. Programmatic advertising is transforming the arena of digital advertising.

Live Video Marketing

With the advent of technology, you can do video marketing in any digital platform. Videos tend to convey a message better than written words. Live videos will draw the attention of a large audience thus catapulting your business a higher level than your rivals. The majority of companies use unique tricks such as interviews, demos and behind the scenes clips to entice their audience and offer education on their products and services.


1:1 video approach is the latest trend to look out for in video marketing. Personalized video messages play a vital role in curbing the distance between companies and consumers. Video SEO provides a concept of marketing and viewability.

There are two main actions to take in order to benefit from live video marketing. For starters, you must create a strong content strategy. The best approach is to take your time and formulate some notes and then brainstorm ideas. Write down all the things you believe your clients will find helpful and how to put that into a captivating video.

Bear in mind that your video content is your starting point, but the ideas can be leveraged across several platforms and transformed into other types of content.

Once you have your ideas, choose a platform you intend to concentrate on, such as Instagram Live, Youtube Live or Facebook Live. For now, it is advisable to use Instagram Live or Youtube Live since the space is not as crowded. Make sure the videos are exciting, appealing and create an experience in the entire process.

Influencer Marketing

This is a useful and straightforward digital marketing tool that can take your business to the next level. Influencers offer better marketing as they have relationships with their following. They can include celebs, YouTube stars and bloggers who have a following on these platforms. Recent surveys indicate that many people tend to trust influencers over traditional advertising. Using influential people to offer a good impression on your business can give results that will surprise you.

Even though it is cool for a celeb to endorse your brand to their millions of fans, this will not last long. So, make sure you partner with smaller influencers and create long-term campaigns and promotions. Create relationships with them so they will continue to share your business.

Create a list of the most influential people in your niche. Search on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and podcasts. First, follow the personality you want to use and learn about their brand. After that, you can begin a conversation with a casual message.

While there are numerous other tricks, these are the top digital marketing trends you should watch out for in 2019. However, it is essential to know that these trends cannot substitute good marketing skills. You need to create your brand, narrate a good story and give useful, authentic content. So, make sure you implement these strategies and leverage these five trends and your business will benefit.

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