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5 Reasons To Buy A New Laptop

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It is high time to find a replacement for your old laptop. Because a brand-new laptop brings many benefits. In this article you will find 5 reasons to buy a new laptop. At No fluff Tech you can find different types of gadgets reviews and you will gain more knowledge about trending laptops.

1. New Laptops Are More Compact And Lighter

Laptops are a lot thinner and lighter than, for example, laptops from about 5 years ago. The edges around the screen have also become considerably thinner over the years. As a result, you now have relatively more screen space than before.

2. New Laptops Are Faster And Quieter

A Solid State Drive, or SSD for short, is nowadays the standard type of storage for laptops. Not only does an SSD contain no moving parts, so new laptops make less noise. Above all, an SSD is much faster than the traditional hard drive. If you turn on a laptop with SSD, you are ready to get started within 15 seconds. Does your old laptop only have an HDD and buy one with SSD, then the difference is like day and night.

3. New Laptops Have A Longer Battery Life

Laptops do not just develop in terms of storage and screen size, because the battery technology does not stand still either. A new laptop, for example, quickly goes through an entire working day on average without having to recharge. A socket is not available everywhere, but with new laptops you do not have to worry about it. The charger may stay home in the future.

4. New Laptops Are More User-Friendly

Many laptops are now equipped with a fingerprint scanner. This allows you to log in quickly, easily and safely, because only your fingerprint unlocks the laptop. A new laptop with RealSense or infrared camera also lets you log in based on face recognition. And do not forget Windows Ink, so you use your laptop as a digital notebook in combination with a touch pen.

5. Choose A 2-In-1 Laptop: The Best Of 2 Worlds

Nowadays, you do not only have to operate a laptop with the keyboard and the touchpad. 2-in-1 laptops have a touchscreen, so that you can swipe through websites or applications just like on your smartphone or tablet. The keyboard you turn behind the screen or disconnect, making a 2-in-1 just a big tablet. Highly recommended if you work with your laptop at home or on the road and like to use a touchscreen.

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