5 Reasons Why your Business should use Backup Software

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5 Reasons Why your Business should use Backup Software

While it is possible to replace a damaged laptop and reinstall the software, it is unlikely that your information will survive a major failure without a backup. Backup software protects your information in one or more places by putting a copy or various copies that you can recover from when something goes wrong. For their most critical information, all companies should have a data backup and recovery plan in 2017. This article is explaining 5 reasons why your business should use backup software.

Regardless of the size of your company, information is probably a key element of running it. If you don’t have a strong plan yet to maintain your information secure, you should consider three things:

  • All human beings are making mistakes.
  • Crash of all computer systems.
  • When you are least ready, disasters occur.

Loss of data can occur at any moment. Due to a system crash, device corruption or malfunction, data breach, power outage, malware attack, malicious email, etc. you can lose all your company information. But with backup software, you minimize the harm caused by information loss considerably and shield your company from its negative, persistent effect.

While it is possible to replace a damaged computer and reinstall the software, it is unlikely that your information will survive a major failure without a backup. Backup software protects your information in one or more places by putting a copy or various copies that you can recover from when something goes wrong.

Data backup is the method of separately storing critical company information and other data. In essence, you create an exact copy of your data that you can quickly retrieve and use if your primary data is compromised and its storage.

The effect of data loss may differ, ranging from a minor inconvenience to a significant company disruption. Here are five reasons why backups of information are a must:

  1. Simple Data Recovery

People aren’t unfailing. They create errors and, in fact, they often create them. Accidentally, emails containing viruses are opened daily and significant files are often deleted erroneously. If you take frequent incremental snapshots of your systems, there is no reason to fear these problems. You can just restore a snapshot before the virus occurred. Or you can get the file back from a moment before it’s been deleted. Protecting from the little stuff is really simple and there’s also the added advantage of being prepared for the large stuff.

  1. Downtime Reduces

The main cause of both data loss and unplanned downtime is a hardware failure. 45 percent of data loss is ascribed to hardware failure, according to a study conducted by Dynamic Technologies.   Power loss (35%) comes second, followed by software failure (34%) rounding up the top three. Complete the list with data bribery (24%), safety breaches (23%), and accidental deletion/error of users (20%).

It is an expensive unplanned downtime. A minute’s downtime can lead to losses of up to $17,244. A credible data backup and recovery scheme allows you to decrease downtime and accelerate data recovery, avoid additional losses and minimize harm.

Your company grinds to a stop when data loss hits. All company owners must recognize that. What matters is how quickly after such a case they can recover and become fully operational. It is therefore essential to have a data backup and recovery plan.

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  1. Archives, audits, and Taxes

Many, if not most companies are needed to maintain long-term business records. This is either for tax reasons or due to different laws. You may just need to look at what happened a couple of years ago. It’s simple to suppose that you covered your pcs just because they have data about them worth your last few years.

But as you may understand by now, getting a single copy is usually a big mistake. If something goes wrong locally, making sure you have an offsite backup of critical client data can really save you. It really doesn’t matter to the IRS and regulatory commissions that you had an information catastrophe. All that implies to them is you’re not compliant and they can make you okay.

  1. Quickly Recover from Disaster

For certain periods of time, both natural and man-made disasters can curb your company activities. Events like fire, flood, tornados, and earthquakes are all a major danger to your IT infrastructure. And when they hit, they can harm equipment for data storage and disrupt connectivity to the network, leading in huge data loss.

After a catastrophe, business services and other tasks are clearly postponed for an extended period of time. That said, according to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), 9 out of 10 companies that do not open within five days after a natural disaster will close within one year.

But if you have a data backup and recovery software, your backup data can be recovered and recovered so that after a catastrophe you can resume company activities rapidly. Fast recovery of company activities not only implies reduced recovery expenses.

  1. Time-Saving

You will have to work to solve it if you have a data loss. This may be as awkward as having to rewrite an significant email because your computer crashed just before you hit send, or as severe as rebuilding the entire database of your client. While working on data recovery, you or your employees are not working on the core of your business. Some businesses may have to do it all over again.

For these five reasons and just for peace of mind to back up critical information, you should follow the best practices. Incremental local backups are the best plan for less critical information, but the most significant data-economic data, client details, etc., should be supported up to a decent geographic distance from a cloud place.

As these are the main 5 reasons why data backup is important for your business. So to do data backup you can use free version software from Sysinfo, Aryson, Cigati. It helps to quickly recover your data.


All of the reasons given above support companies of all sizes with information backup plans in place. Read the above reasons to know the data backup importance and get solve your issue by using backup software. Surely you will get the desired output.

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