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5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Hackers

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5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Hackers

Computer hackers are experts with technical knowledge about how to overcome computer problems using their technical abilities. The term Hacker can refer to any skilled person with knowledge regarding computer programs. However, nowadays people relate this term to someone who hacks into networks and personal computers and steals away the data that belongs to others.

Hackers are dangerous and can inflict damage onto your computer, but they are equally interesting as well.

We should be thankful for them and we will find out why in this article.

The Types of Hackers

People should be thankful for hackers because every hacker is not interested in breaking into your computer and stealing away your data. In fact, there are different types of hackers and every type has its own interest.

The black hat hackers are interested in breaking into systems to steal valuable data. You should look out for these hackers and try to secure your data and enhance the security of your computer in order to avoid meeting hackers like this. There are some black hat hackers who are sponsored by a government to hack into the system of another state in order to plant a virus, or steal their information regarding future military plans. Therefore, security has become a major concern for most Spectrum internet users and various software applications are being developed to fight the online threats can keep our devices safe and secure from such attacks.

The gray hat hackers are in this line of work for personal recognition. They want the world to know their name and their accomplishments. However, they still break rules and regulations that are questionable in the court of law.

The white hat hackers are actually well-educated people who work to improve the lives of computer users and to make this world a better place. These hackers prevent black hat hackers from getting into your system by developing strong software and prevention tools. White hat hackers and black hat hackers use the same methods and almost the same tools but the motives of both hackers are quite different.

Hackers Help Design and Construct Computers

In the early days, when computers were just being developed, many of those who lived and worked in Silicon Valley helped put the modern computer together. These people were experts at developing computers and could easily be labeled as hackers. So, it’s safe to say that hackers of the past helped develop the computers of the past and present.

Some of the Best Coders are Hackers

Hackers are considered to be brilliant coders because of their interest in the machines and their designing techniques. Most of the codes are improved by hackers to produce better software and applications. In addition to this, because hackers are well-aware of the techniques used to hack into computers, they develop the best applications to prevent such malicious activities. Moreover, hackers are capable of designing software that can detect and delete viruses from your computer so that your computer will continue to operate.

Hackers Have Accomplished Great Achievements

Typically, hackers don’t make a career out of hacking. For instance, black hat hackers steal money through malicious activities, but this type of money making scheme doesn’t last forever because the time eventually comes when their illegal activity is figured out and stopped. However, if they were to put their skills to good use, these hackers could accomplish something amazing and completely change the world. There are some hackers who perfected their skills and went on to become star programmers, entrepreneurs, and even security professionals. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was a self-taught hacker who went on to become the founder of Facebook, a company that is now worth billions of dollars. Similarly, Linus Torvalds, the man who created Linux, was a hacker who invented the open-source software operating systems.

Hackers are Active Critics

Another important contribution that hackers make to this technical world is that whenever a company releases a new version of software, a layman might not realize the bugs in that particular version but hackers can see all the issues that are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, they can make critical assessments about these present issues so that the developers can fix the problems and release a better version that is free from all the bugs and issues. This encourages companies to test their applications before they release them to the public in order to check if there are any issues with the latest version or not.

Hackers and Technology

Black hat hackers are usually seen as a menace to the community which is quite justifiable considering the fact that they have committed some serious crimes. Many companies have faced major financial and data losses and some have even failed to survive because of the black hat hackers and their illegal activities. Hackers also release ransomware to blackmail their victims for money by threatening to steal their private information and post it on public platforms. Therefore, you need to protect your files and personal information in order to keep your data safe and secure from hackers who are always looking for opportunities to steal your data.

However, there are some hackers who are willing to contribute to society by developing applications that protect users from fraudulent content. In addition to this, some white hat hackers work as security professionals who are frequently hired by companies on a contractual basis to improve their cybersecurity. These hackers are known for saving businesses from cyber attackers by using superior tactics and tools that are much more advanced. Hackers are not to be underestimated because they are the ones who have in-depth knowledge about computers and technology and can make better use of it than the general public can.

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