5 Reasons Your Bounce Rate is High

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Reasons Your Bounce Rate is High

When your business website has a high bounce rate, it’s not ideal. It indicates that visitors to your site only look at one page and/or are leaving in a short space of time. This tends to result in a low conversion rate, which certainly doesn’t benefit your business’s profit margins. A lack of sales is problematic for any company, and this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Even if your physical store is making a profit, losing this additional source of income online can lead to setbacks and hinder your business’s growth. If you have noticed a high bounce rate on your website, here are five reasons why you might be having a problem.

  1. Poor Website Design

Aesthetics are important, and potential customers will judge your website on appearances. If your site looks bland, messy, or has a lack of information, it will come across as unprofessional. You must also make sure that your site is easy to navigate and has good-quality e-commerce functions so that customers can make a purchase online with ease. There are online website builders that can help you create a professional-looking website, or you can pay an expert website designer to create a bespoke site for your company.

  1. Badly Written Online Ads

If you are launching an online advertising campaign, it needs to be eye-catching and have good content. Pay-per-click adverts on search engines or other websites are useful and can be cheap; however, if those clicks aren’t converting to sales, it could end up resulting in a loss. Agencies like specialize in a range of online marketing tools, including conversion rate optimization and managing your website landing pages and online advertisement efficiently.

  1. Low-Quality Content

You must have quality content on your website pages, your social media platforms, and any other online sources you use to promote your business. Relevant information about your company and the industry you belong to should be present on these platforms to increase your visibility and showcase your professionalism. If you have a blog page on your website, make sure the posts are engaging and discuss interesting and useful topics that link to what your business does.

  1. Lack of Products

As a small start-up company, you might have limited products/services to offer consumers, but this might also be why you have a high bounce rate. If there isn’t a lot for visitors to see on your website or to consider buying, they’re unlikely to stick around and find out more about what you do. If you do have an online store on your business website, make sure your products are presented well and that there is a variety of things for customers to choose from.

  1. Not Enough Activity

If you’re not updating your website regularly with news about your business or promoting new products, this could lead to visitors making assumptions that you’re no longer active or that you don’t do much as a company. To avoid potential customers drawing these conclusions, you should make sure both your website and any social media linked to your business are updated regularly with relevant content.

The aim is to turn site visits into sales, and you must reduce your bounce rate to see this happen. Consider the suggestions above, and see where you can make improvements to your business’s website and other online platforms you use for it.

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