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5 Simple Tech Issues You Can Solve on Your Own

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Depending on your income level, a personal computer can be really inexpensive or really expensive.

However, it’s safe to say that most people don’t want to purchase another personal computer within the span of the first two years.

Simple Tech Issues You Can Solve on Your Own

So when issues arise, it can be pretty devastating to cough up hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair fees.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as a computer repair specialist, you might want to start doing so because there are quite a few ways to handle tech issues on your own.

If you run into one of the following issues with your PC, consider the following solutions before you run to the nearest computer repair store.

1. Computer Keeps Crashing

One of the worst feelings in the world involves being in “the zone” when you are working fast and efficiently, only to see the dreaded blue screen saying that your computer ran into a problem that requires a restart.

Chances are, you have lost some of your work, and the blue screen of death is super disrupting too.

The reasons are many, from old drivers to components that don’t work well together, to a program you might have installed not so long ago.

Take note of when these issues started and you’ll immediately have clues on what might be causing them.

Blue screen errors don’t happen as often as they did earlier, but when they do, it’s not a bad idea to remember whether you installed third-party software, applied an update or changed something recently.

In case you can’t determine what’s causing the issue, Windows has a neat way to deal with it – by going to an instance when it wasn’t happening yet.

If you have a restore point, you can boot an instance of Windows before the changes that started causing crashes.

2. Battery Issues

If your battery isn’t taking a charge, it might be easy for you to assume that the laptop is forever broken. Thankfully, that might be the furthest thing from the truth.

You might have an issue with the actual adapter.

Depending on the PC you have, the cost of an adapter can range. However, it’s much cheaper to purchase a brand new adapter than it is to purchase a brand-new computer.

You can also check the power cable to make sure it’s operating efficiently.

If the issue is the battery, remove the battery from the PC and turn on the PC without the battery. If the computer is behaving better, then your battery needs replacement.

3. PC and Loud Noises

If your PC sounds like there is a loud fan that’s about to explode, know that this isn’t supposed to happen.

No, your computer won’t self-destruct.

However, you do want to take care of the issue as soon as you can.

More than likely, you’re facing this issue because there’s dust accumulated inside your computer. Now, when it’s time to clean the inside of your computer, don’t reach for the liquid spray cleaners and paper towels.

That’s actually the last thing you want to do.

Purchase a can of compressed air.

Once you open up the inside of the PC, spray the compressed air throughout the inside to push the dust and debris out of the computer.

Take your time, and make sure you’re gentle. You don’t want to push dirt further into the various cracks and corners of the computer. Once you’re finished, you shouldn’t see any more dust.

After you close and reboot the computer, the noise should go away.

4. Keyboard Problems

If you accidentally spill a hot cup of coffee or a glass of water all over your keyboard, this can lead to severe issues, with the most common outcome being a keyboard that’s not working anymore.

While you clean up the mess and wait for the keyboard to dry and see whether it still works, you can always use another keyboard. A spare keyboard is an inexpensive fix.

The fix will be much more expensive if you spill water over a notebook keyboard because oftentimes it won’t stop on the keyboard (even if there’s a barrier between the keyboard and the components beneath) and reach other components beneath it.

The best thing to do is to get a keyboard cover (usually silicone one) that will keep the liquid away from the rest of the components.

If you’re facing an issue where you’re typing and nothing is showing up, you might’ve accidentally turned on toggle keys.

This is actually pretty easy to fix on the backend of your PC. If you go to the control panel of a Windows PC, you can click on the Ease of Access section.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to undo the setting that creates toggle keys.

5. Slow PC

If you turn on your computer, go make a cup of coffee and come back to the computer that’s still booting up, you have a problem. Don’t get used to doing other things with your time until the computer powers up.

Instead, take a look at some potential reasons why.

You might have too many saved files on your computer. If that’s the case, start to back up your files. Use an external hard drive to save your files. There are plenty of platforms that offer free or inexpensive storage services.

When you take all of those files and place them somewhere else, this can help your computer run at a faster pace. It’s also wise to do some research on your own to find ways to speed up your processor.

Consider the type of computer you have. Then, you can find tutorials online that will guide you through different ways to speed up the pace of your personal computer.

You’d be surprised at how much better your PC can work with a little bit of experimenting.

In Sum

For every computer, there’s usually a solution that doesn’t involve forking over thousands of dollars. Try working on it before you throw in the towel.

In addition to taking care of computer repairs, you can also be proactive with your computer maintenance.

It’s much better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Clean your PC regularly.

Download helpful software to keep it running quickly and smoothly.

As updates come, run the updates in order to improve your PC’s efficiency.

When you make an investment into a PC, it can last you for a few years. Take good care of it so you can save your money in the long run.


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