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5 Technological Improvements Cars Have Seen in the Past 10 Years

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Throughout the past decade, cars have undergone an immense number of changes. Cars have been changed from accessories like car covers, headlights, roof top, bumpers etc to technological improvements in the last decade. They’re more autonomous, safe and connected than ever before. From sedans to trucks to sports utility vehicles, automobiles these days are increasingly efficient and reliable. Check out these five ways cars have improved over the past 10 years.

1. Safety Features

Cars are so much safer than they were in the past. A decade ago, automobiles began to get smarter when companies introduced features like pedestrian detection, back-up cameras and automatic high-beams. Now, they boast upgraded airbags and will brake for you to prevent accidents. Some vehicles can even detect when your attention is waning and will play alerts that signal you to pull over.

2. Autonomous Software

Several vehicles now offer various levels of self-driving software. Your car will steer, change lanes and parallel park all on its own. Blindspot detectors and smart cruise control are also popular. Some, like Teslas, even drive for you through autopilot engineering. All you have to do periodically tap the steering wheel to let the car know you’re there. These advancements are major improvements in the world of automotive technology.

3. Infotainment Systems

Infotainment systems are the information and entertainment attributes in your vehicle. These allow you to easily view maps, play music and navigate traffic while driving. You can even access text messages and make phone calls through software like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Many cars now come with sleek touchscreens instead of buttons and knobs that let you control these features. Manufacturers are even offering connected mobile apps, which allow you to perform a lot of nifty tricks, including checking tire pressure and predicting the duration and change frequency of traffic lights. In 2019 and beyond, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle without one of these multimedia interfaces.

4. Parental Controls

Thanks to technology, teenage drivers can quickly become confident behind the wheel. Parents can now set speed limits for their children and control radio settings. This software first debuted in 2009 with Ford’s MyKey but has since gotten a whole lot better. These days, moms and dads can track the car’s location and send text messages through the vehicle’s infotainment system if they have concerns. With these improvements, kids can learn to drive safely.

5. Security Systems

Auto theft is no joke – nearly 750,000 cars were stolen in 2018. Most manufacturers have developed technology that works to keep your vehicle safe. BMW’s Assist uses a GPS that can help police locate your car if it’s ever stolen. Some cars with connected app support let you lock your vehicle from your smartphone and will alert you when your car detects suspicious activity. Similarly, these apps will let you view the location of your vehicle, so you can remember where you parked it. This all comes in handy when something goes wrong.

Past, Present and Future of Automobiles

Vehicles have come a long way. With several technological advancements and achievements over the past 10 years, cars are now safer and more intelligent. When looking toward the next decade, it’s clear that cars will continue to improve alongside technology.

Timeline of Car Technology

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