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5 Tips to Choose and Buy a Top Music Production Laptops

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Tips to Choose and Buy a Top Music Production Laptops

1.Disk SSD or HDD?

As far as storage is concerned, one of the best tips to buy a laptop is to opt for a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a traditional hard drive (HDD). Its performance is much higher, making everything run more smoothly and with a sense of instantaneity, and not being based on moving parts are also less exposed to possible damage in case of fall. Of course, their capacity is significantly lower and are much less affordable, being the most usual to have only 128 or 256 Gbytes.

To find your best Music Production Laptop Reviews you can visit, . Of course we can always use an external USB disk to fit all our files, but the optimal solution would be for the laptop to include both types of storage: a small SSD in which the operating system and applications would be installed. and another large HDD disk (starting with about 500 Gbytes) that functions as a document storage. Recently the first hybrid units have come onto the market, the best possible option but still somewhat expensive.

2: Keypad and trackpad

One of the fundamental aspects of any Laptop is how comfortable your keyboard and trackpad are, since we are going to always work with them (at least in the first case, since in the second one we can resort to a traditional mouse) and it is convenient Make them as ergonomic as possible.

As a tip, it is best to type for a while to see what we think about the path of the keys, their separation and how pleasant the pulsation is, while with the trackpad we will look at its useful area and if it has physical buttons or is all in one piece (in addition to checking if it supports advanced gestures, such as using two fingers at a time to move).
Also, in many cases practical shortcut keys are incorporated to the most common multimedia functions (pause, playback, forward …) or used to control brightness, turn off Wi-Fi and other types of actions. His presence is always a plus.

3: Processor and RAM memory

If we want to buy a Best Laptop for Music Production that is up to date, the fourth-generation Intel Core processors (Haswell) are the option to choose, although if we opted for one of the generation immediately before (Ivy Bridge) we will also succeed and may save us some valuable euros.

Broadly speaking, we will distinguish them by their numbering, the first figure of the four of which consists of the name that indicates the generation (ie, a 4400 would be a fourth, and a 3400 third).

Ordered from lower to higher performance, we have the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7, and if we look for an affordable laptop we would already give the jump to the Pentium and Celeron, with fewer functions and more limited capabilities than those of their older brothers.

For its part, the other large processor manufacturer, AMD, offers equivalents that are often better priced. From best to worst we would have the A10, A8, A6 and A4, and the options for lower budget teams would be framed in the E series.
If you look at the RAM, the minimum required is 4 Gbytes, but if our future Laptop does not support extensions later, then it is best to start at 8 Gbytes as little.

4: Other aspects to consider

Apart from all these tips to buy a laptop, there are some general aspects that may also be of interest. For example, and although they are increasingly cornered, it may be convenient to have an optical drive to read and burn CDs and DVDs (or even Blu-ray discs), but this has a negative effect on the thickness and weight of the device. For this reason, it is better to acquire an external recorder that is plugged through the USB port and thus connect it only when we need it (currently they are very affordable, and we can buy one from as little as 25 euros).

For its part, the quality of construction of the equipment and the materials used in its housing is crucial, and not only in relation to a more or less striking design. The aluminum or carbon fiber are the best, while the polycarbonate vary greatly in both finish and robustness, depending on the chosen by the manufacturer.

In addition, if we have the opportunity it is good to see if they heat up easily or if the fan is triggered too often (and we all know how annoying it can be to try to watch a movie while the laptop puts noise).

5: New formats available

Among our tips for buying a Laptop, we want to finish with a recap of the available formats. The classic laptop of life was recently joined ultrabooks, but also the new hybrids or convertibles, capable of functioning as if it were a tablet.

There are many types: with screens that fold over the back, capable of hiding the keyboard inside or even allow you to separate the screen completely from the rest of the chassis.

They can be especially interesting in the case that we do not already have a tablet and we want to have the best of both worlds in one, although they will hardly surpass the experience.

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