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6 challenges when running a used device business

by Team Techcolite
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six challenges when running a used device business

In current economic uncertainty doing business in the secondhand market is more profitable as well as difficult than ever. In NSYS we often hear about the challenges that our partners and clients face during their work. When creating our products, we rely on these pains of real industry players. Today we put them on one list to share with you and suggest some solutions.

1. Quality assurance / quality control

The first point that should be mentioned is the quality. QA/QC are key moments in the success of any business, as it is directly related to trust issues. The quality of the goods and services must be carefully monitored in order to build and maintain a strong company reputation.

Pre-owned devices are not protected by an original warranty, so buyers naturally have trust questions to the seller as well as doubts before buying. In order to level them, the seller must provide his own good warranty for the goods offered. To do this, he himself needs to be 100 percent sure of quality. This confidence can be guaranteed by automatic diagnosing and grading programs, which, unlike people, practically do not make mistakes.

At the end of the automated check you receive a quality certificate for each device. This allows you to give your clients a warranty without fear of increasing a return rate. Quality certificates and an impressive warranty show you as a professional giving an additional competitive advantage.

2. Qualified employees

Let’s proceed to the second big challenge – employees. Not the people themselves, but the difficulties in their training. The working process can be rather tricky and complicated, so you need to give every team member clear and understandable instructions on evaluating and accepting devices as well as make sure that everyone has got the rules and follows them.

This deal is extremely difficult to cope with. Automated software ensures that testers receive all the necessary information and definitely do not forget to perform important functional tests. Save time and resources on training without losing quality with NSYS services.

Moreover, there is often a high turnover. Testers are mostly students who leave after a few months of work. They are replaced by new ones, who again need to be trained. With the software everything is like clockwork: five-minute training and here we go.

Qualified employees

3. Pricing policy

The third challenge is making a good pricing policy. The used device market exists in terms of no uniform standards, both in evaluating devices and in determining their costs. There is no general regulation, the market controls itself.

Hence the question: how can companies correctly calculate the price of their goods and services so as not to work at a loss, but also not to scare customers away? The answer lies in a good understanding of the secondhand market game rules, which comes with experience. If you are not about to spend time and money on your own trial and errors, you can always rely on the financial strategies of more experienced players. But you can only borrow buyout prices and how they change depending on the device evaluation is still your responsibility. NSYS Buyback service will help you to evaluate devices objectively, according to your standards.

Pricing policy

4. Selection of suppliers and buyers

Facing indecent partners is an unpleasant situation for every business owner. While trading pre-owned devices, you need to be especially careful in choosing suppliers and buyers, because the same lack of standards and subjectivity can play into the hands of dishonest businessmen.

In resolving disputes with partners, diagnostic certificates recognized by the market again come to help. With them, no one can accuse you of a poor-quality product.

5. Security issues

Working with pre-owned devices involves regular contact with clients’ personal data. You’ve probably heard about the high-profile data breach scandals. This is more serious than might seem at first glance. Such errors are subject to criminal liability.

NSYS Data Erasure service will help to prevent the breach of customers data. Be 100 percent confident in your safety and the safety of your clients.

Security issues

6. Advertising

Well, the final challenge is about the marketing component of doing business, namely, attracting traffic to your resources. How can NSYS help? As an option –  with our custom apps. Embed NSYS Buyback Online into your website or install a mobile app customized for your brand and impress potential customers with a quick initial check as well as increase the loyalty of existing ones.

We hope our list will help retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and other after-sales market players in solving business challenges. For those who are just planning to open their own business, it will indicate what points you should pay attention to when building your workflow and save you from possible mistakes.

Run your business without problems with NSYS!

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