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6 Ecommerce Development tactics to convince online shoppers to buy

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6 Ecommerce Development tactics to convince online shoppers to buy

With massive surge of technology, Ecommerce has become a rapidly growing industry which is fueled by smartphone devices; increased data usage and mobile connectivity enabled innovations including digital payments. According to the research conducted by Statista, the global e-retail revenues are projected to rise to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021 which renders to more opportunities.

However, while eCommerce shopping is convenient for shoppers, it’s becoming harder for the retailer to win the trust of shoppers. Some online shoppers still feel that shopping online is riskier in terms of privacy and security. Thereby, they hesitate to buy online.

6 tactics to influence online shoppers to buy:

6 tactics to influence online shoppers to buy

Trust is the central point in the entire online shopping journey that stimulates eCommerce owners to move their product out of the shopping cart. Purchase won’t take place if the online store owner fails to break the barrier of security. Here are the tried and tested 6 tweaks to earn the trust of potential shoppers and entice your shoppers to buy.

Use SSL encryption for security seals:

Use SSL encryption for security seals

Before online purchase, savvy online shoppers ensure that their information is stored securely without any chances of data breach. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is one of the most powerful tools that add an extra layer of security to encrypt banking information of online shoppers. The eCommerce website without having an SSL security is just like leaving the payment information open to hackers. The website having SSL security provides a visual prompt in the form of a green bar or lock icon which indicates the eCommerce website has an SSL secured connection. To secure your customer from hacks and identity theft you must purchase this handy solution that ensures transparency.

Right implementation of colour theory effect:

At first glance, the colour code may not look important visual element to influence the purchase journey, but it is proven that various colours have their own different effect on the human brain. Did you know that more than 87% of the individual purchase decision is influenced by colour code theory? Behind that, colour psychology has worked. The colour usage pattern that reinforces your brand should according to your industry and product & your targeted demographic and audience. For the psychological hacking of online shoppers, right colour schemes should be aligned with their desires. Once you tried out color code theory to convey your message, you should also run a few A/B testing to get higher conversion rate.

Plan multi-layered security:

Plan multi-layered security

In today’s cyber threat landscape, multi-layered security is imperative that provides the protection against increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats.  E commerce website with multilayered security protocols makes the protection tougher to breach. For instance, a firewall is an essential barrier which can secure your website from SQL injection or cross-site scripting. To protect your site from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) enhance the security of your content delivery network (CDN). The other multi-layer fraud management strategy includes biometric authentication, address verification, fraud alert technology, 3D security, Location tracking, notification for unusual activities and many more.

Simple and manifest navigation that refine site search:

Navigation is one of the most intuitive parts of eCommerce store that also affect the conversion rate. With complex navigation, shoppers unable to find what they are looking for, this leads to the increase in bounce rate of a website. Hover-based navigation, drop-down or fly-out menus still remain unchanged that some eCommerce store owners are considered it as an outdated method. The explanatory product category pages with a two-line brief of each category and sticky search box make things so much easier for visitors. In addition, auto complete suggestions and third-party tools employment to recognize user’s price and brand preference delight your shoppers.

Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes:

Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes

Among the augmented usage of smartphone for online shopping one can not overlook the importance of eCommerce website compatibility that should be able to match the screens on which they are viewed. Research says that; from the total online shopping, 79% of purchasing process has been accomplished by the smartphone users. In addition, almost 40% of online shoppers move to the competitor website due to the worst user experience (Source). This statistic shows how eCommerce website responsiveness is the great opportunities for a higher conversion rate. Moreover, As an SEO point of view, Google also gives the first preference to the mobile-responsive eCommerce website.

Quick loading times for every page:

Majority of online shoppers go with the choice of eCommerce store due to the lack of time to visit the physical store. Therefore, if your eCommerce store has not potential to save time then they will never like to shop from your store. The conversion rate falls by 22% if an eCommerce website has page loading time more than 3 seconds (Source). In order to improve the loading time of your website, you should use a dedicated or fast web server, caching system, CSS sprites and content delivery network (CDN). The website with 3 second loading time not only manipulates visitors into the decision-making process but also gives wow feelings.

Wrapping Up:

Whether you are going to start your eCommerce store or you are already running your eCommerce store; there is always room for an improvement. You can make a simple modification to put every touch point in your buyer’s journey that helps to influence a purchase decision. From satisfying online shoppers to achieve a higher conversion rate, an eCommerce store owner can not overlook the importance of all these factors which helps to achieve conversion rate.


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Varun Patel Varun Patel is a founder and full time IT consultant at Coreway Solution helps eCommerce entrepreneurs to transform their existing business operating model to the emergence of disruptive technology. He has earned a robust expertise by working with numerous business verticals including manufacturing, retailers, financing, gaming and many more for their business growth, risk migration and performance improvement.

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