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6 Spectacular Types of Video Animation

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6 Spectacular Types of Video Animation

Video animation is one of the most entertaining yet most beneficial ways to communicate any knowledge to the world, which is why the use of the animated videos have come out the entertainment industry and has expanded roots in almost every other industry related to any field.

We have to come to the age where is running in a competition of proving themselves or their business to be better than the other, and it would be impossible to reach out to people and deliver knowledge with the proper marketing strategies. Various methods and approaches have been applied by large industries to get a significant number of consumers to get involved in their brand, but none was very effective as compared to the video animation technique. With the use of animated videos in the promotional schemes, many organizations or brands were able to increase their conversion rates and ability to get more consumers than expected.

Distinct Categories of Animated Videos

Video animation has genuinely proved itself to be the perfect choice for promoting any brand, creating awareness, conveying any message, and also has become a big part of the entertainment industry. It cannot be said that with any one type of video animation is better than the other and has been proven to be the best resource in gaining all the profits, but every animation category plays a vital role in every different industry, serving its a moral purpose to bring benefits for the brand.

Let’s have a more in-depth look into distinctive categories of animated videos that are used by different brands and is created by almost every professional video animator or video animation Production Company with inimitability.

  • Whiteboard Video Animation
  • Explainer Video Animation
  • 2D Video Animation
  • 3D Video Animation
  • 5D Video Animation
  • Kinetic Typography

Whiteboard Video Animation

If someone is looking to deliver a useful message or create any sort of awareness among society through animations, then the best way to do that is with the help of the whiteboard animated videos. Whiteboard animations are easy to create and are very simple that can be apprehended by every person, which is why it is used as the best tool to make people know about anything or to convey any useful information to general public.

With the uncomplicated drawings and the plain backgrounds, it gets more comfortable for people to grab knowledge easily and use them for their own benefit.

Explainer Video Animation

Explainer videos are the most common and amazing type of videos that are widely used in every professional industry to illuminate any complex concept with clarity and straightforwardness. Companies use the explainer animated videos in their official meeting to represent various strategies, schemes, and statistics to their clients. Also, it is used by students to explain their projects, presentations, and to deliver any other knowledgeable details to their audiences.

Explainer videos are also used for the websites to give a tour or information about the website to the visitors, making them know what the website is about and how things practically work on the site.

2D Video Animation

The oldest and the most common type of animation in the history of all animated video categories is the 2D video animation, which has been there since the beginning or invention of this amazing technology. It was introduced initially in the entertainment industry and had been proved as the best way to engage children, as well as people of other ages by providing them with enjoyable and pleasure moments.

With the great responses that it received the 2D animations took itself out from the entertainment field and reached to other areas of professional work. It is now used as the primary source for creating the explainer videos and other forms of the animated videos.

3D Video Animation

Although 2D video animation was a big hit, but there was something missing that started to make it look less charming after a certain time period. A new and unique system was needed to be introduced to make the animation look more alive than before, when the scientists, designers, and animators came with the technique to familiarize 3D video animations to the world. Unlike 2D animations, these videos were created on the three-dimensional space that gives the animators an edge to apply depth to the images to make it look a little bit realistic, and differs from the 2D flat images.

By way of applying some exciting effects to the images, 3D animations became a blockbuster and got much more popular in every single industry for various purposes. Whether the company looks out for advertisement purpose or to offer entertainment, 3D video animation is the best way to give people an eye-catching experience.

2.5D Video Animation

With the 3D animated video rising up and above, the demand of 2D animations was getting suppressed, and the rumor went around the world that in the coming time 2D animated videos will completely vanish from the platform of the video animations. As 2D animation is the primary step to learn how to create other animations, animators couldn’t take the risk of erasing the identity of it, so they came up with a unique form of animation to keep 2D alive and also provide the experience of 3D animations.

In 2.5D video animation, every character and object is created in the two-dimensional space, whereas the entire scene or the background is based on the 3D concept, as it contains depth and looks like the images are moving in the three-dimensional space. It indeed a very exciting form of the animated videos.

Kinetic Typography

Another most enthralling use of the animation can be spotted in the kinetic typography, which is used very universally to divert the audience’s attention toward some important news or information. As the fonts are in different sizes and style, and also appear to be in a continuous motion following a specific pattern, it quickly grabs the attention of a person and makes them read the content with interest. It is commonly used on various websites to grasp the visitor’s attention towards something important or any known fact about the site.

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