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6 Tips to Flawless Android App Development

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6 Tips to Flawless Android App Development

At present, Android commands the overall mobile operating system market with an offer over 87%. In like manner, Google App Store has increasingly mobile applications in contrast with Apple App Store and Windows App Store. In any case, the piece of the overall industry of every version of Google’s mobile operating system contrasts. As indicated by, the individual piece of the overall industry of Android 5.1 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow is as of now a lot bigger than the piece of the overall industry of Android Nougat Dev.

Likewise, the clients have alternative to look over a wide assortment of Android devices produced by various organizations with differing screen sizes, goals, and hardware features. Subsequently, your Android application must deliver ideal client experience over a wide scope of Android devices to remain famous and productive. You should remember various tips and deceives to build up an incredible Android application inside a shorter measure of time.

Tips for development of flawless android app

  1. Use the development frameworks and tools

You can easily design the UI or UX of the versatile application dependent on Android plan guidelines released by Google. However, you will think that its hard to build, test, and maintain the Android application without utilizing any systems and development tools. The devices will empower you to add highlights and usefulness to the application without composing extra code, and make it simpler for you to test and keep up the application notwithstanding quick cycles. You can even choose the open source Android application development tools to quicken the improvement procedure without expanding project overheads.

Creating a highly functional and rich UI and UX experience is not easy. While most app developers will be able to make an app, it is unsure as to whether it will be a high performing one or not. The best Web Development Agencies have skilled resources to ensure that the latest tech is used on apps at all times. They also help brands with the monetization aspect of apps. The development world is rife with new tools and technologies, which keep cropping up every day. However, it is only the best developers who keep their ears close to the ground and attempt to use the best tools for the development process.

  1. Follow the android design guidelines

Google encourages developers to fabricate robust mobile applications by prescribing Android Design Guidelines. It further refreshes the Android Design Guidelines at frequent intervals to make the UI and UX of the mobile application additionally engaging and natural. For example, Google prescribes Android application developers to manufacture Android applications with material design guidelines, and gives another arrangement of tools to execute the material design rules. Despite everything you have choice to make Android application in your own particular manner without following the rules discharged by Google. In any case, you should pursue the most recent Android Design Guidelines to make versatile applications that capacity easily and convey ideal client experience.

  1. Adopt the cloud technologies

The cloud-based technologies will assist you with overcoming device and operating system fragmentation issues while creating and testing the Android applications. You can even exploit the cloud-based advances to manufacture mobile applications without building and maintaining physical framework. There are sure cloud-based devices that will make it simpler for you to make the Android application responsive, and convey indistinguishable client experience crosswise over various forms of the mobile platform. You can utilize the instrument to alter the application consequently for individual gadgets without making changes to its highlights, usefulness, and information.

  1. Concentrate on user input and app security

To keep the clients connected all the time, your Android application must make them feel extraordinary. You should implant includes in the application to gather criticism, remarks and comparative client input. Simultaneously, you additionally need to actualize the criticism and recommendation got from different clients to improve the application’s convenience and client experience. You may think that its hard to gather and execute client input while building up the application. In any case, you can opt to the crowd sourced testing to include genuine clients in the Android application testing and survey process. You can actualize the client info gathered during the testing procedure to upgrade the application’s ease of use and client experience before its launch.

Most ventures these days enable representatives to get to business application on their own cell phones. Henceforth, the clients store both individual and business information on their gadgets. The smarter clients consistently evaluate the security highlights of an Android application before downloading. You should implant robust security features into the application to keep the client information secure notwithstanding data breaches and malware attacks.

  1. Make the user interface responsive and fast

Various studies have demonstrated that modern clients despise moderate and unresponsive mobile applications. Subsequently, you should investigate approaches to make the (UI) of the Android application quick and receptive to keep the clients locked in. You can without easily make the UI responsive just by keeping the designs basic and moving long-running procedures from the primary string. While designing the UI of the Android application, you evacuate the layers that are settled or profound. Likewise, you should consider overhauling the settled or profound layers to make them straightforward and quick. Similarly, you should check the running time of individual activities while troubleshooting the UI, and expel record-breaking expending tasks from the principle string to make the UI increasingly responsive.

  1. Embed the features of mCommerce and Mobile payment

Notwithstanding getting to sites on their cell phones, current clients likewise lean toward mobile business to electronic trade. Henceforth, you should install mCommerce features into the Android application to empower clients to purchase the products or services whenever and anyplace. Simultaneously, you have to guarantee that the clients can easily make installment through portable wallets and other versatile installment choices. The mix of mCommerce highlights and mobile installment will empower clients to purchase products and perform financial transactions without utilizing debit or credit cards.


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