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7 Best App Builders to Help Grow Your Brand

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Branding goes far beyond choosing nice colors, creating logos and writing catchy slogans. In digital world, entrepreneurs need to use new technology trends to attract new prospects and customers. Since most people access their favorite businesses through mobile apps, entrepreneurs should use mobile app builders to create useful and effective mobile app presentations.

Main purpose of these tools is to enable people without coding skills to build smartphone apps. In this article we reviewed 7 awesome app builders that use drag and drop concept and offer thousands of useful widgets.


good barber

This affordable app builder offers wide array of useful features. It provides access to your app’s source code and comes with hundreds of useful plugins and APIs that can customize your new app and cater it to your customers’ needs. In addition to this, GoogdBarber also comes with reliable customer support and a great user experience. The least expensive GoodBarber plan can be bought for $16 and it comes with features that are typically available on much pricier app building plans.


build fire

This app builder is ideal for beginners, because it enables them to create professional looking apps in a few simple steps, without any coding skills. While testing this app builder we managed to sign up and build our first app in only 10 minutes. BuildFire simplifies app building process by enabling you to choose app’s look and feel seconds after your sign up. It also allows you to add dozens of useful widgets afterwards. With app builder’s preview tool you can check your app’s usefulness and see how each widget corresponds with the chosen layout.


appinstitute app builder


AppInstitute offers a simple drag-and-drop platform that allows it’s users to create powerful mobile apps for all types of businesses.
Apps can be built for iOS, Android and even Progressive Web Apps – which work on all platforms, and are considered by many to be the future of mobile – can be created using this versatile app builder.
Some of the features include sending Push Notifications based on a users profile within the CRM, and even sending geo-fenced push notifications to people in specific locations.
The loyalty card system works very well for cafes, coffee shops and bars but can also be used by other businesses like hairdressers and salons. AppInstitute’s apps have a professional and robust look which will contribute to your brand’s image.


each scape

EachScape comes with an awesome drag and drop feature that allows you to build top quality Android, iOS and HTML 5 apps. Unlike other builders that we mentioned in this list, EachScape doesn’t rely on templates, so the every app you made is fully original. These are some of the features you can add to your app with EachScape:

  • Location based services;
  • Push notifications;
  • Live streaming;
  • Social network integration that goes beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



This builder allows you to quickly integrate images, RSS and social media content and to preview app changes on the go. Its advanced app building system provides users with wide array advanced preinstalled templates. Each template is focused one business niche, so you can built an app for: food ordering, e-commerce or various loyalty programs. BiznessApps also allows you to add: third party integrations, push notifications and advanced data analytics dashboard.


game salad

This builder is specialized for gaming apps and it allows you to build a great mobile game in only few hours. Game building can be done with drag and drop interface, which includes behaviors library and thousands of separate game elements. This builder also comes with In-App Previewer tool that allows you to view and test logic game behavior sets on smartphones and desktop computers.

Zoho Creator

zoho creator

Ease of use is the most important characteristic of Zoho Creator. It comes with drag and drop feature and in-app preview tool. Since Zoho brand focuses on B2B sales, its app builder comes with lots of useful business features. It allows you to add customer relationship management capabilities, including: automatic sales reps, different online paying systems and push notifications that alert you when customer sends a new inquiry.


Having  a mobile app makes the branding process much easier. This piece of code can be very profitable, especially if it’s used for creating an additional market opportunities. After you build your brand authority, you can introduce a freemium concept and allow customers to download the simple version of your app for free. If they like it and wish to obtain a premium version, they will need to pay a special fee that will bring you more revenue, and cover all of your app building expenses.

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