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7 Devices to Keep in Your Backpack before Studying Abroad

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Here is a list of gadgets your studying abroad checklist must include.

What to pack for study abroad?

If you are like most students, the study abroad packing checklist won’t go beyond some outfits, stack of books and important documents.

What about your gadgets? I am not talking about your iPhone or a gaming console.

7 Devices to Keep in Your Backpack before Studying Abroad

I am talking about the gadgets that will make your life easier in other nation. For example, having a universal adapter ensures that your phone or device can be plugged into any plugs. A laptop will help you create, send and manage your notes and other stuff. You need an advanced headphone so that you won’t get disturbed by the noise of your roommate while listening to audio-books.

Here I have come up the list of such gadgets or devices that help you make your life easier during a semester abroad.

  • Unlocked Smartphone:

An unlocked phone lets you replace the SIM card as you travel across the world without having to request your company or pay roaming fees. Simply put, it doesn’t have a software lock and can be used with any SIM card around the world.

But why do you need an unlocked smartphone?

There are many nations like the USA where most handsets are locked for a specific carrier, meaning that you can’t use other carriers on that phone. If you want to opt for other carriers, you have to pay a hefty amount to get it unlocked.

  • A Combo of Adapter and Converter:Universal adapter, as the name suggests, works with all electrical standardization across the world. For example, most nations in the Western hemisphere including the USA use 110-120 volts while other nations use 220-240 volts as a standard. If your device can’t handle the voltage change (imagine if you are going from the USA to Australia), you can end up with a burned or malfunctioned appliance.The second concern the combo of adapter and converter resolves is dealing with different plugs and outlets. There are nearly 15 types of electrical outlets are in use across the world. This way, it lets you change the plug shape to match the outlet.
  • Laptop:A laptop is another important device you should carry while studying abroad. Apart from writing papers, watching movies, making assignments to doing homework, it will get you in touch with your beloved ones back home and help you keep up with the events and news. Make sure to buy the one which is lightweight and can perform labor-intensive productivity tasks.
  • Digital SLR Camera:
    Apart from study, there are many memorable moments and breathtaking places to visit down the road when in your destination. From hanging out with friends, exploring the places most people dream to see funny incidents, you will have a bag full of memories. Right?And a digital SLR camera is handy to capture those moments. If you are planning to involve in adventure sports or extreme activities like hiking, make sure to buy the one which can withstand the elements like water, heat, and dirt.
  • Portable External Hard Drive:
    External hard disks are important on your checklist for the number of reasons. With an external HDD, you don’t need to clutter your laptop or PC with not-so-important stuff.This is also important that near-full storage can affect your laptop’s performance. Will you afford to have it if you are pursuing gaming or animation courses?Secondly, it can be used to keep the backup of your important data like researches, notes, and photos. Today’s portable external HDDs are pocket-sized, thus you can carry them around with you. They can be plugged into any PC without requiring you to install any drivers. Portable external HDDs are available in a wide range of storage capacities. Make sure to buy an empty enclosure to keep them safe from shock or damage.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones:As the name implies, a noise canceling headphone minimizes the unwanted ambient sounds, thanks to its active noise control system. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite tracks or podcasts without turning up the volume. It is a great aid for a passenger while taking rest in noisy settings like an airline. How do they benefit you as a student?Well, a noise cancellation headphone blocks out background noise and frees you from distractions, letting you focus on studying. A must-have for your late night study sessions! As you don’t need to increase the volume in order to reduce outside noises, it protects your “hearing ability” as well as reduces the stress caused by noise.
  • Kindle:Kindle is a lifesaver for the students who don’t want to carry a load of textbooks, travel guides and magazines. In short, it is a great remedy to free up your backpack from the extra burden. I recommend you to go for Kindle Fire 7.5” due to its compact size. Amazon Silk is another notable feature which is Amazon’s browser to support Adobe Flash Player and lets you access e-mail documents. The built-in email app also lets you manage all your webmail like Gmail, Yahoo! Hotmail and AOL into a single inbox. If you are looking for basic features, the original Kindle makes a great choice for you.

Bottom Line:

So these are the gadgets to get before studying abroad. They help you manage your study and other commitments in your “home” away from home even if you are preparing for an intense exam like the GRE. However, make sure to protect them by opting for some type of insurance as they are prone to damage or may get stolen. Luckily, there are many insurance providers who cover your stuff no matter where you are.

What do you think? Do you think these gadgets are enough for students or they need extra? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


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Ramanjeet Chahal, CEO of the CS Immigration- a leading Immigration Services provider in Canada. Being in Immigration business, he is sharing his experience and knowledge on studying abroad.

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