7 Email Marketing Tips For Successful Campaigns

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Want to generate targeted leads and boosts conversion? Make use of email marketing! One of the most cost-effective marketing techniques, emails deliver a higher return on investment for every $1 you spend, according to these statistics. For start-ups and small businesses, email marketing is a great marketing channel that can help with customer engagement as well as retention. Also, customers look forward to hearing from their favorite brand and to know about new product launches, seasonal sales, site-wide discounts, etc. Thus, as a way to keep your customers informed, email marketing is a wonderful tool.

Apart from using email marketing for lead conversion, it can also be used to increase brand awareness, to get in touch with new subscribers, to retain repeat clients, etc. Thus, below are a few tips that can help you plan a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Build Subscribers List: When it comes to email marketing, the more subscribers you have, the higher the conversion rate. Thus, ensure that you have a sign-up form on your website that informs customers why subscribing to your newsletter can be beneficial.
  2. Personalize Emails: Emails with a personalized subject line have a higher open rate. It also helps boost engagement, making your customers feel more than just a potential lead.
  3. Make Emails Mobile-friendly: Ensure that your email newsletters are optimized for mobile devices. Most customers read emails on-the-go while traveling to work or during office breaks. So, by having mobile-friendly email designs, you’ll be able to enhance customer experience, which could drive conversions.
  4. Include Descriptive CTA: Be creative with your call-to-action on emails. A descriptive CTA (One-day sale Shop now) is likely to get you more clicks than a generic (Shop now) CTA. Also, make the CTA button visually attractive. This will help capture users attention instantly.
  5. Keep the Content Brief: You can’t write blocks of content for your emails. It is a total turn-off. Rather keep the content short and simple. Make use of bullets to improve readability and instead of long texts, make use of images/icons to explain things. This will surely lead to greater success.
  6. Give an option to Opt-out: When crafting a newsletter, always make it easy for the customers to unsubscribe to avoid being marked as spam.
  7. A/B Testing: Trial and error is a part of email marketing. What worked for one campaign may not work for others. Thus, conduct A/B testing on your email designs to find out what drives a better response from your customers. A/B testing can be done on the subject line, email copy, CTA, among others.

To sum up;

Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book that have helped countless businesses to grow and succeed. Strategizing for email marketing campaigns can be tough, but if you get it right, you’ll be able to not only retain your existing customers but also bring in potential new leads. Thus, apart from the above tips, if you want to know more about email marketing, then you can check out the in-depth infographic.

Email Marketing Infographic


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