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7 Productivity Tools That Every Entrepreneur Should Use

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7 Productivity Tools

You might have heard a commonly used phrase “Work smarter, not harder.” That is what entrepreneurs need to do in order to survive and thrive in today’s competitive advantage. What do you mean by work smarter? Smart work is all about collaboration and productivity as it drive today business world. As an entrepreneurs, you need productivity tools that for effective communication and collaboration. Check out these seven task management tool and take your business productivity to the next level.

1. Pocket

Came across an interesting video or article on the web but don’t have time to watch or read it? Due to their busy schedule, most entrepreneurs might have faced this situation before. Thankfully, now you can pocket any form of web content and consume it at your convenient time. Users can also tag and organize content so that they are not lost or messed up. The best thing about pocket is that it is available on wide variety of platforms, which means that you can sync your content across multiple devices. It easy to use interface ensures that you pocket content with a click and tap of a button.

2. Cyfe

Organize and see everything from website visitors, Adwords metrics, keyword rankings and social media stats in one place with Cyfe. It even let you customize your business data dashboard so that you can choose the information you want to see and which information you want to ignore. The biggest benefit of integrating all the data in one place is that it helps you in taking the right decision and makes the bigger picture clearer for your team members as well. Don’t want to use separate tools for tracking traffic, keywords and social media? Use Cyfe to boost your productivity and make your life easy.

3. TaskQue

As an entrepreneur, you want to get the best out of each resource so that you can achieve your target. TaskQue is a task management tool that optimize resource utilization, enhances your productivity without overburdening your resource, thanks to its intelligent task assignment process. Juggle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously with dropping any by creating separate workspace. Create your own workflows and TaskQue will fit automatically. With its communication and collaboration features, you can easily conduct meetings with clients, collaborate, communicate with your team members, and achieve more in less time.

4.  Zapier

With so much buzz surrounding virtual assistants and automation, why not put automation to good use. Reduce your workload by automating basic tasks. These help entrepreneurs to focus their attention on important tasks. Zapier combines different cloud based services and allow you to perform different actions. The best part is that you do not have to be a coding genius or API expert to benefit from it.

5.  RescueTime

Are you struggling to manage your time and complete tasks on time? If yes, then it is time to find the root cause behind the problem. Install RescueTime and get an in-depth report on where you are spending your time. It highlights the main culprit so that you can easily eliminate it and be more productive. When you identify the productivity killers, it is much easier for you to take corrective action. RescueTime is one of the best time tracking tool that runs in the background, track time spent on different activities and tell you which activities are having a negative impact on your productivity.

6.   WorkflowMax

As an entrepreneur, you always wanted to turn back the clock and reclaim the time you have wasted on fruitless activities. But, is it possible? With WorkflowMax, it is possible. This amazing productivity tool can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually. Conducting accountability has never been that easy that it is now, thanks to WorkflowMax. Generate professional looking quotes, invoices, forms instantly with this handy tool. Create project timelines and track progress with analytics to ensure your project meet its deadline.

7.   Google Docs

Last but certainly not the least is Google Docs. Google Docs makes document management and sharing a hassle free process by letting your team members collaborate on important documents. You do not have to download and install anything to use Google Docs because it is a cloud based office suite. This means that you can access all your documents anytime, from anywhere with an internet connected device. With its auto save, real time editing and chat and comment features along with Microsoft Office compatibility, Google Docs is must-have tool for entrepreneurs.

Use aforementioned productivity tools to work smart and stay productive. With all these productivity tools at your disposal, you can easily streamline your business operations. If you know about any other productivity boosting tools that can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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