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8 Incredible Advantages Of Using Zend Framework

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8 Incredible Advantages Of Using Zend Framework

Zend Framework uses the Multi-View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, Using this pattern, Zend Framework acts as a filter for many parts of an application. The framework makes the process of development and maintenance of an application easier. It also removes all the hard details you have to make sure of while coding and allows a developer to be specialized in the big picture, Zend Framework gives you many loosely coupled parts which can in fact be used additionally and less independently and due to these features Zend Framework is also commonly called “component library”.

Zend Framework or ZF, which is its short form, is a glue framework. The quality of decoupling it provides gives you the glue-able facility on the application that is available. One has to straight away add the framework to the application. Most components of the Zend Framework can work. Thus, Zend Framework literally provides you with a component library that gives 80 p.c of all the functionality that is mostly required by a developer. The 20 p.c. left can be changed according to what the website demands. The routing is done seamlessly too. If you want to integrate Zend Framework but don’t quite know how to do so, you should check out additional info about hire leading zend programmer.

Advantages of Zend Framework

You can check out Zend Framework for yourself and integrate it into your web application. However if you want to save yourself the trouble you can get additional info about hiring leading zend programmers and hire one. In short, one can name a few qualities of using Zend Framework. These include having a simplistic framework, ensuring high productivity, having a flexible and easy architectural pattern, a framework that is free and is an open-source framework, being supported by many contributors which amount up to more than 300, to name a few. Let’s see the top 8 advantages of using Zend Framework:

  1. You can Customize It

One of the biggest advantages that attracts developers towards Zend Framework is that Zend Framework is highly customizable. When you can customize a framework, you have various options and choices to choose from while you make a web application. So, you can custom tailor your website in any way you want to because the framework gives you many customizable tools. Zend Framework is wholly an object-oriented framework. It uses the concepts of OOP of inheritance and reusability. Using these concepts, Zend Framework achieves a very well-presented option for customized web development. With an option to customize the Zend application so easily within seconds, it surely stands out amongst all frameworks.

  1. Use an Existing Framework

Zend Framework gives you the option to use any available structure. The main advantage is that almost all of the aspects you are looking for are available right in front of you. This benefit is possible due to a special quality of Zend Framework that a unique specialty can be introduced wherever it is possible. Although the most attractive quality of ZF is its fast speed and is probably the reason behind its success. You can speed up the process if you want to and still, all the projects will run smoothly. Whether you require a paginator, it will be available easily and when you need the Atom, the fed parser will also be accessible to you.

Zend Framework will never be an obstacle in your pathway. If you want internalization of your web application, that too is possible. That is why many developers use Zend. For developers, Zend Framework is often the right choice because there is no hurry to utilize the given components. In fact, skilled developers don’t need to use all the parts and just need to wisely identify which parts to use and load whenever required. Zend Framework makes the whole process incredibly simple.

  1. Multi-Language

If a developer has to go global with his or her web application, the web application should be available in all known languages. By using the feature of Zend_translate components, multi-language web applications are truly possible. This multi-language feature helps a developer to access a wider user base, one which is spread all across the world by breaking all regional and linguistic barriers that can exist. Zend developers should surely use the multi-language support option to make their web application globally accessible.

  1. You can Lengthen Classes

We have already mentioned that Zend is totally an object-based framework. Adding to that, it uses a lot of object-based components like inheritance and interfaces. Due to it being based along with an object focus, every component and class can be lengthened according to what a developer demands. Hence, any unique variations a developer wants to introduce can be added accordingly. These variations and parts can be added without the need to hack into the Zend Framework code. Distinct functions can thus be obtained because of the customization that Zend Framework allows you to have. This makes your web application stand out. Because of its object focus, you can integrate all these benefits into different projects regarding web application development.

  1. Optimal Quality

Zend Framework truly ensures high quality as all Zend components have to pass through intensive forms of testing with the PHP Unit because that is the measuring standard. Once you have a storage space that can be integrated, a lot more advantages are built for the user. The Zend Framework provides developers with many distinct components that can be tested conjointly. It also has comprehensive documentation facilities and a reference guide that can be easily transferred if one wants to.

  1. Multi-Functional Quality

While using Zend Framework, you should definitely take the advantage of using its multi-functional quality. Many developers do this. For example, you can try to use the RSS feed. You can do this simply. Just take the Zend_Feed option to read any given RSS. If you want to make any new forms, you can use the Zend_Form option. You could also try to manage the resources, you can use the Zend_Acl option. Another option for Zend_Auth if you want to authenticate a user.

  1. You can Use Only the Stuff You Need

Zend Framework provides you with a wide group of components and classes. Developers usually use Zend’s MVC parts to make fully workable Zend Framework projects. If you don’t want to make a Zend Framework project from scratch, you can easily load any component that you need. Zend Framework is decoupled, as we already mentioned. Through this advantage of being decoupled, the parts can be used as distinct libraries. So, any component that you want to use you can get it.

  1. Huge Support by Community

Zend Framework surely provides an imperative quality and ease of usability. Due to this, Zend Framework is accepted worldwide and there are many web applications and websites that are being developed by using Zend Framework. There exist a lot of PHP developers who are Zend certified. These developers are experienced and have expertise in the field of using Zend Framework efficiently. You can hire a developer by finding additional info about hiring a leading zend programmer. After doing your due research, you can hire one to make your web application’s dream come true!

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