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9 Tips to improve logic building skills

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9 Tips to improve logic building skills

When it comes to programming there are certain terms that one comes across. These terms are problem-solving, logic building, indentation, etc. The logic building is a key aspect to become a good developer. It is something that does not comes within a day. In order to excel these skills, you need to practice it. Many people have a good logic building from their childhood itself. But it does not mean that one cannot learn as an adult. Passion, Zeal, and dedication are required to grasp on to a skill.

Playing brain games are and doing exercises also helps increase logic building skills. A person must be able to think out of the box (also called lateral thinking). It is necessary to pay attention in classes while the basics are taught. A person good at understanding algorithms and other data structures thoroughly have a greater knowledge and ability to build logic. The logic building is required in both software development and web development. Whether a developer is in front-end development or back-end development, both the programmers require these skills. Former requires it in a less quantity whereas, the latter requires this skill much more.

Tips to improve logic building skills in programming

If you want to be a good programmer are seeking ways through which you can improve your logic building, go through these tips:

  1. Practice – Practicing is really essential in order to get well versed in a coding language as well as in a logic building. Therefore, solve a few problems daily or at least one. It will help you to develop a habit which will be highly beneficial for you as a programmer. Someone has rightly said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Initially, any programmer will face issues while creating logic, oftentimes it happens that the logic being used is not valid or correct. But programming requires patience as logic building skill develops after practicing. First, read the problem, then make a rough solution, code it and test your code. Then learn from your mistakes.
  1. Check other’s code – When a single person is solving a problem, then he or she may think in a specific way. The pattern for thinking anything will be the same for them or we can also that it is restricted to a certain pattern. Hence, one should also check other people’s code. Think gives an individual a chance to view the problem differently, through someone else’s perspective. You can find other ways to do a task. It is possible that someone has solved a problem in a way which is very easy but you that idea did not cross your mind. This technique helps the programmer to widen their horizons and look at the problem in a different way.
  1. Solve a problem in more than one way – It is somewhat similar to the previous tip. But according to this tip, the programmer is compelled to do the work on their own whereas, according to the previous tip – the developer takes an idea from other people’s code. How to use this technique? It is simple to use. Take a problem, study it and find a solution. Once you find a solution, try to search for other solutions to solve the same problem. It will compel your brain to think differently this time. Using this way, you can also develop other skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. Patience is the key here.
  1. Play Brain games – Brain games also help your brain to look at those areas where no one else has. There are many games available on the play store. Search for brain games and download one. Other than game applications, games like Sudoku, Chess and Rubik’s cube are the best games to improve these skills. Along with logic building skills, playing these games will also develop abilities like problem-solving, better-thinking abilities, etc. it is scientifically proven. It is also the best game for kids. It will help a kid in his or her brain development, making the child smart and intelligent in childhood.
  1. Exercise – There are so many benefits of exercising. This may be out of context for you but it does help in the brain development process. Exercising means engaging your body to work and perform an activity or certain activities. By doing so the blood circulation in our body improves and this is what helps the brain and other organs the most. Running, walking, and swimming are some of the best exercises that engaged the whole body and provides health benefits to all the organs in the body. Also, doing regular meditation is the best to improve the concentration power of the brain. Concentration will allow you to think differently and act fast. Some find that herbal supplements such as kratom can be beneficial for energy and focus helping to keep you motivated and active for longer.
  1. Healthy Food – Eating the right food will provide the right and required benefit to your body. Yes, it is absolutely true. By eating the right food, you can boost your memory and brain-power which will help you to understand and build a logic quickly. You will be able to grasp the problem and the solution in no time. Foods like blueberries, oily fish, coffee, eggs, whole grains, etc. are some of the foods that help to boost your brain-power and sharpen your memory skills.
  1. Data structure and algorithm – Data structure and other algorithms are essential in logic-building. Algorithm is steps that are written to solve a problem. Writing algorithms is also a ‘must-have’ skill. If you wish to join a Multinational company like Google, then this is a very significant skill that they want the candidates to possess.
  1. Read programming books – People are no longer much interested in reading books. Reading programming books that are written by a good author will help to build logic, analytical thinking, aptitude, etc. Study from the examples that are listed in the book and implement them in programming. Also, in such books problem are listed that the students can use to solve and get a better idea of the concept.
  1. Break the problem – At the time of solving a problem, read the problem carefully. After reading the problem look at the main problem/ s. If there are multiple questions, then break them and solve each one by one. After gathering their solution, integrate them and write a program for the same. If it is okay, you will get the required output otherwise, solve the problem again and try avoiding the mistake you made previously.

Using these nine tips will help you to achieve your goal of improving your logic building. Practice hard and do not give up. Ask someone’s help if needed. These are simple ways to easily build logic.


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