A Detailed Guide on How to Grow Traffic When You are New to SEO

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How to Grow Traffic When You are New to SEO
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Do you know that over 1 trillion searches are performed every year on the search engines like Google or Bing?

With a large number of searches performed every month, being on the top of search engine rankings is not easy. It requires a lot of efforts and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to be on the first page of Google.

Being on the top page gives your website the visibility and more click-through rates and grow traffic to your website.

As a beginner to SEO, you should understand that reaching the top spot on Google ranking is not magic. There are certain rules you need to follow to optimize your website according to search engine algorithms. Some companies choose to employ the services of an expert, such as Denver SEO company, to help their business grow.

This guide will help you to know everything about SEO and how to grow traffic to your website.

  1. Figure out what your targeted customers are looking for

SEO is, understanding who are your targeted customers and what are they searching for. The best thing to figure out is to understand the need of the clients and know their feedbacks.

  • Analyze people’s reactions on posts

There are various possible ways to know the feedback of the customers about your products and services. Are they satisfied with your services? Are you capable of meeting the demands of customers by posting the right content for what they are looking for?

Here are some places to look at:

  • Comments on your website/ blogs
  • Emails from the customers
  • On calls or online chat option


  • Talk to people

Go out and meet people for your business. Talk to them, observe them and know their perception about your services and products.

  1. Optimize Your pages for search and targeted keywords

To optimize your blogs and pages, keyword research is the first step you must opt for. Also, make sure your pages are structured well in order to rank your website for the keywords.

  • Accomplish On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is very important and is the first step for your website’s SEO. All your efforts will go in vain if your pages are not optimized for search engines. On-page optimization includes the following elements:

  • Page title

The title of the page is the first thing that draws people’s attention to click on it and increase visitors to your website. So, the title should be optimized with the right keywords and must be catchy to attract visitors.

  • Meta description

It is the summary of what your page is all about. Provide a unique description and keep it precise between 140-150 characters.

  • Images

Images are important to enhance user experience. But, they need to be optimized so they don’t affect the page loading speed.

  • Create Unique Content

Create fresh and unique content to attract more visitors to your site. Websites with quality content can do a lot in the long run. Use targeted and long-tail keywords in your content.

  1. Make your website mobile friendly

A large number of searches are being performed from mobile devices nowadays and it keeps on increasing as per the new trends and the increasing technology. So, your website should be Mobile friendly.

The best way to design a mobile-friendly website is to adopt a responsive website design that is adaptive to both – web and mobile devices.

  • Stick to mobile optimization best practices

For effective mobile SEO, ensure that your website meets the mobile-friendly criteria like the right font size of the text that is readable without zooming etc.

  • Avoid common mobile optimization mistakes

Don’t use common optimization techniques like blocking Javascript, CSS files or images.

  • Use mobile SEO tools to enhance your website ranking

Mobile keyword research, on-site audit, rank monitoring are some tools to use to improve your website ranking in Google mobile.

  1. Get backlinks from other websites

Link building is an important part of SEO. It is Off-page SEO that plays a very important role in search engine rankings.

As per the study of keywords, it is discovered that the number of pages linking back to a website is the strong predictor of website ranking.

  • Quality matters not the quantity

It doesn’t matter how many links are pointing to your website, but what is important is that the links should be quality links. The links from the high-authority websites or official websites are more important than the links from the small websites.

  • Use the best techniques to create quality links
  • Publish great content to attract links.
  • Guest posts on high authority websites.
  • Get links from websites related to your niche.
  • Avoid getting links from websites with short or irrelevant articles. It may get you penalized by Google.
  1. Things to do on social networking sites for organic traffic on your website

To generate organic traffic, you need to brush up your social media skills. Use these tactics to grow your website through social media.

  • Sign up to social networking websites

Sign up on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share your content with a large number of audiences. This will increase more visitors to your website through your content.

  • Manage social media ads

Invest some money if you can on social media ads like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads to distribute your content and reach out to more people.

  • Post regular updates

Post regular updates on social media profiles to keep your accounts active and engaged. Use catchy titles and attractive images when you post your content on social media. Use hashtags to make it reach out to a large audience.

Ranking your website on Google’s top results is not an overnight task. It needs great efforts and consistency to optimize your website with SEO and rank them better. Once you have optimized your website with these SEO tactics, focus on your website by providing more and more content.

Using these techniques, your website will start ranking higher in search engines and will gain a lot of traffic.


About Author:-

Aarif Habeeb is a content writer and an SEO expert in Jaipur. He is a Founder of DigitalMarketingCrab. He also provides seo training in Jaipur. He is responsible for brand-building via content and social media for his agency. His success lies within his originality and hands on experience in editing and writing. Aarif lives in Jaipur and loves his early morning filter coffee, dessert gazing and reading newspapers. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook

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