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A Few Things to Know about Windows 10 and Security.

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Windows 10 is an operating system that has been released to unify the environment on different platforms and improve security as a whole, but there has also been some breaches that users need to be aware of. Each operating system comes with its improvements and downsides, and you might want to read what’s next in case you’re unaware of the particularities of this new technology release by Microsoft. Sometimes, we wish that the newly released operating systems would be perfect right off the bat, but that’s almost always never the case. So, here are some things to watch for, consider and perhaps adjust when it comes to your new Windows 10.

 windows 10 securities

Be careful about Wi-Fi Sense sharing

New features might bring some new unexpected problems sometimes and that seems to be the case with Wi-Fi Sense, which can unfortunately share your password with some other people. While the feature is very useful in getting you well connected as soon as possible, it can also open doors to people who would want to sneak in this way. Fortunately, it’s possible to reverse this password sharing by disabling some options in the Wi-Fi settings. Stay up-to-date with what Microsoft does with Wi-Fi Sense and exactly what it’s for so that you make the most of it. Security is one the priorities in Windows 10 when you check out what the company had in mind, but you don’t want a feature like this to come in the way of your privacy.

Set your preferences for automatic updates

Another feature that might seem to be all for the better at first glance is the automatic update feature found in Windows 10. Obviously, anything automatic can have its downsides since the user doesn’t plan the action and how it could possibly affect its most important tasks, or even their bill if on a smaller data plan. Does this affect security? Perhaps yes, and that would be the security of your data. Anyone in the middle of a sensitive task probably won’t want an update to affect their system until they allow it to, and to avoid unexpected issues after an update and run the risk of having some problems with your data, look to turn the automatic updates options off. Of course, try to make them happen as soon as possible when the time is right for you, since they contain some key security and features improvements as always.

Cortana could bother some people

Cortana has also brought up some concerns around security and they’re one of a new type – your voice. Information about your voice can indeed be gathered through it and a good number of users are choosing to change some parameters around it. Of course, the data gathered is also used for your own good since Cortana can adapt itself to serve you better, but this could still be seen as a security breach depending on your perspective on the topic. There’s a specific setting to stop such gathering from taking place that’s simply called “getting to know you” that can be changed.

Still plenty of positives

However, in the end there are not necessarily more reasons to be worried than there are to feel secure about this new operating system. The new Edge browser brings in more security than its predecessor, and overall the new release is improving security for both individuals and businesses. Overall, the password sharing concern with Wi-Fi Sense might be your main thing to check besides setting the other preferences to your liking. The privacy options menu is certainly important if you want to adjust all these parameters to your liking. Probably users would’ve preferred to see a new operating system roll out without some features that could potential hinder their experience in terms of security, but information remains key to stay on top of all things that could affect you at work or at home. Try to stay away from malware and viruses as well no matter what you use on top of Windows 10 features and you will be able to make the most out of this version. Hopefully, we see this new interface and operating system affect the way we use wearable technology and live lifestyle fitness as well.

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