A Perfect Email Finder and Verifier Tool: The Review

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Marketing plays a great role in business developing and expanding. In the competitive online world, everyone tries to use different kinds of advertising solutions. And email marketing is one of the most successful ones. Review


If you want your business to grow, you need email marketing tools to succeed. And your success depends on the email list you’ve got. We’ve written the review to present a perfect email finder and verifier tools to you. Using an email finder, you will quickly find emails and build a set of potential clients and the email checker will verify and delete the non-real email addresses.

What is is a powerful tool available both as the Google Chrome extension helping you find emails from social networks profiles and other webpages and a web application where you can perform various types of email searches. It also works as a standalone email checker that makes the email list of yours bounce-free by deleting the invalid emails. It is a perfect solution for any type of business that relies on email outreach or outbound research.

By using the Email Finder Chrome plug-in, you can quickly scan the pages on social networks and find emails there or on any other website you visit. Then, you can easily check the email for validity to be sure there’s a sense in sending emails to these addresses, and send an email drip campaign later or send emails right from the finder extension.

Features is a very intuitive tool that provides a few types of email searches and verification. Some of them are:

Domain Search

With this option, you can get fast access to email addresses along with names and job positions from various domains individually. You can use it to find emails of a definite domain name and connect with leads with ease.

Domain Search


Bulk Domain Search

The tool is close to the previous one but with a slight difference: it lets you find emails of a few domains at a time. Upload a list of domain names to the platform or choose from the companies you already have in your list, filter the search, and will present the results.

Social URL Search

This feature can help you find and save emails of leads found on LinkedIn. Just make a search on LinkedIn to find just the profiles you are seeking for, save them to a CSV file, upload the file, and the platform will show the email addresses.

Email Verifier

You can verify emails individually or in bulk from the list with the email checker tool. This tool simply filters out invalid, abandoned and catch-all email addresses to improve the email deliverability and email reputation score.


Email Verifier

Other benefits

Except for these two instruments, the platform provides a few other mechanisms for email marketing purposes. And we cannot but mention them.

Email Drip Campaigns

This is a great tool of With it, you can create and send triggered scheduled email drip campaigns with goals. So you can stop worrying about follow-up messages and everything will be done by automatically according to the schedule you’ve set. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder to create multi-level highly targeted campaigns. You can also analyze your campaign results in real-time.

Email Tracker for Gmail

You really don’t know who opens your emails or just deletes them if you send emails manually right from the email service. By using the Email Tracker for Gmail, you can know who has opened your email or clicked the link in the message. This feature is provided by real-time browser push notifications when people read your emails and when they click links.

Technology Checker

The tool lets you identify your competitors. It helps you find marketing tools used by this or that website.

Technology Checker


Customer Support

Good software and tool always come with exceptional support. takes care of its support services very well. The team provides a comprehensive knowledge-base that provides answers to the questions regarding their tools. Additionally, they also provide customer support via live chat, email, and phone.

Final Verdict

Well, we have mentioned some great features above. offers multiple services at a time. And when you use all the tools in one set, you will see its full power and potential. is definitely a useful tool for lead generation and email outreach. It significantly reduces the efforts and time to find relevant leads and expedite the whole outreach process. Simply add their Chrome extension to the browser and sign up for one an account.

Many webmasters and marketers have already tried for their businesses, and it helped them a lot. Share your thoughts about this tool in the comments below.

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