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A Revolutionary Gaming Experience 4 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Gaming Computer

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Gaming Computer

PC gaming is still ahead of consoles in popularity, even if the gap is pretty small. The thing to remember though is the 53% of console gamers are split between multiple consoles, whilst the PC gamers generally have access to the same games as each other, so it’s actually the biggest single segment of the gaming market by quite some way.

Of course, when it comes to PC gaming, the entire reason for this popularity is the superior hardware and performance available to gamers. This is even truer when it comes to dedicated gaming PC’s, which have much more firepower than the average workstation. If you’re a serious gamer, here are 4 reasons why a gaming PC is for you.

  1. Gaming Has Unique Resource Needs

Gaming PC’s tend to need different hardware to workstations. A good example is the case of a GPU vs RAM. A GPU (graphics card) is necessary for both devices, but many workstations can get by with a basic unit. Gaming machines are obviously going to need a more powerful unit, and might even need multiple cards with the ability to work together if you want to play on the highest settings without sacrificing frame rate or responsiveness. RAM is a different situation though because in a gaming PC most of the processing will be done by the GPU. This means that RAM isn’t actually that important, but for a multi-tasking workstation, it will be essential.

  1. Generic PC’s Can’t Match Performance with a Dedicated Machine

As you would assume from the differing resource needs, the performance between a generic machine and a dedicate one are going to be quite different. Generic PC’s are able to run a wider variety of programs but they will usually struggle to run games at the highest settings, because these machines are better at doing most things well, rather than a few things brilliantly. Gaming PC’s, on the other hand, might be unable to do some workstation related tasks but are going to be unbeatable when it comes to gaming performance.

  1. Lots of Potential Customization

With companies like nzxt offering a massive amount of help in constructing your machine, it’s easy to see what hardware you need to play your choice of games. From here you can tweak and modify to your heart’s content, adding in extras or swapping out components for viable alternatives. You can add in extra monitors, a specialist mouse or keyboard, or anything else you might desire. Ultimately you can have the exact machine you want, complete with any extras or quirks. This is especially good for professional gamers who want a setup that suits their playstyle and allows them to give their best performances.

  1. Better Gaming Experience

With the customization and the extra hardware, you’re going to have a much more fun gaming experience. The extra graphical performance means you can use multiple monitors, and bigger ones, without suffering a loss in quality. Trust me, there’s nothing quite as fun as settling down into your custom, dedicated setup for a good gaming session.

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