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Advanced Technology And AR Brings Car Of Films On Road

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Advanced Technology And AR Brings Car Of Films On Road

It is not far away when a time will come when you will find it most difficult to differentiate which is a better place for you to stay, your home or your car! With features and amenities that you find in any luxurious home all provided in a car, modern cars are in no way short or different from a home.

Thanks to the development of the General pocket Service or GPS as it is commonly known, you get all possible displays in your car that will work as good as your home appliances. Therefore, apart from getting you from point A to point B, these modern cars have become a place to stay entertained as well.

Apart from the entertainment aspect, the modern cars are also high on safety aspect as well. You may wonder how you could possibly watch a video while you are driving a car which is a natural and reasonable concern, you being a responsible driver. Well, once again you can thank technological development and its use in the vehicles. Such technologies provide you with:

  • Driving assistance
  • Traffic assistance and information and several other features.

There are even few high-end cars that come with other useful displays on the windshield such as:

  • Safe reverse and parking and even
  • Heat seekers and other sensors to provide info about other cars approaching.

It is not very far that you will see cars in the future that will be self-driven and have all functions automated. It will even identify and provide information about any external objects on the road on the windshield.

Does it sound like the car you saw in The Terminator or any other science fiction stories? Well, such is the power of technology. It has changed everything that you view whether it is a car or a staged home before you buy, an appliance you want to buy or even go through the sites that provide information on different matters such as debt relief options money lending and debt settlement reviews.

Augmented Reality dashboards

It is the Augmented Reality that enables you to have the necessary information brought up automatically on the dashboards and helps you to identify any object or a person on the road and prevent a collision.

  • These Augmented Reality dashboards or AR dashboards for short works just the way a driver would while driving a car.
  • These dashboards like the ones you will find in a BMW have a windshield display that will pop up the basic information.

Currently, the car manufacturers are in the process of developing these augmented reality dashboards even more so that it can identify any object in front the car and at the same time pass the info to the driver about the distance of the identified object from the car.

Since the AR display will overlay such information in addition to what the driver is actually seeing in real life, the chances of avoiding a collision will be significantly increased. This is how it works if you are approaching the object too quickly:

  • A red box will come up on the car you are approaching and at the same time
  • Arrows will also come up to show how best you can maneuver your car into the next available lane.

This will help you to avoid colliding with the car in front of you. In addition to that, the AR system will also assist you to stay in the proper lane.

  • With the help of the augmented reality GPS system you can come to know about the actual lane that you ideally should be in because the lane you need to be in will be highlighted.
  • At the same time it will also show you the exact spot where you will have to turn down the road preventing you from having to take your eyes off the road.

This will once again add to the safety aspect while you drive your car on a busy highway.

Research on AR

Major car manufacturers such as BMW and others are also researching on the better use of augmented reality for the automotive engineers. Recently, BMW have produced a video which shows a technician using AR glasses to look into the engine to try and identify the parts that need to be replaced. The video then shows the instruction to fix the issues identified step-by-step.

In addition to that, several researches are ongoing from the passengers’ point of view as well. Recently, Toyota, another car manufacturing giant, has produced a few working concepts on the AR systems. This will allow the passengers in a car to do different jobs such as:

  • It will allow then to zoom in on the objects that are outside of the car
  • Identify and select a particular object or objects and at the same time
  • View the exact distance of that identified object from the car by simply using the touch-screen window.

These unbelievably spectacular features are yet to be produced at a mass scale in cars but augmented reality has already made its way in the automobile industry. If the car manufacturers have their way, you will soon see and even use such future cars and feel like the hero in a science fiction film.

Ensuring a safe future

When the airbags were added to steering wheel of the vehicles it highly intrigued the users and slowly made its way around the inside of the cars. Over time, these airbags were modified and made better. Now you have special airbags such as:

  • The curtain airbags
  • The knee airbags
  • The side airbags
  • The seat belts airbags and even
  • The airbags that deploy under you.

But all these happened over time and so would the Augmented Reality feature in the dashboards. All these features and technological advancements have ensured and enabled the car manufacturers to move away from the passive safety measures and make these features an integral part of an active vehicle safety mechanism. This is not all. There are more to come in the future, for sure.

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