AI Gadgets That Are Immensely Helpful

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AI Gadgets

The best way to move forward in this developing world is to adopt the technology that science has to offer us. Not only will this make our lives easier, healthier and less stressful, but it has the capacity to pave way for the evolution of the world. There are many gadgets small and large that have recently been developed and while some are still in the testing phase, many have made their way into normal homes. Most new devices that you may see include AI technology in order to facilitate their users to the best of the innovative device’s potential.

The most popular developers of AI technology so far have been Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Many of their home based electronic devices feature a personal assistant capable of acting on your commands. Some have the power to control the temperature of rooms such as The Nest device, while others such as Lenovo Smart Assistant can play your favorite playlist around your house on your command. Now, the AI powered home gadgets have gotten even more helpful and can assist people in something much more productive. Here are the few AI installed devices that have debuted so far:

  • Kuri; the Robot:

Finally, the time has come for humans to own their very own robots that they can have helping around the house. Kuri is one such robot, which has been developed with the most basic technology as its base. The robot has a smart mobile camera, loudspeakers and a microphone. These functions may seem like the ones that can easily be performed by a smartphone, however, Kuri makes the best use of these features. It maps around your house, can avoid obstacles, knows which room belongs to whom and knows which places to go and not to go to. The basic purpose of this robot is that it does the work of a nanny for you; it takes care of your kids when you are not home, and keeps you updated on their status by following them. It can do the same for your pets and children at the same time. It can wake you up and greet you when you come home.  The robot although will begin shipping in the start of 2018.

  • Amazon’s Dash Wand:

The Dash Wand has Amazon’s virtual assistant built in the device which can assist you in helping out with your kitchen related tasks. You can ask it the ingredients to recipes or know more about your ingredients in the kitchen and figure out what you can cook with them. Another special thing about Dash Wand is that, if you run out of any ingredients you can scan the barcode on the finished product and have the same thing added to your Amazon shopping cart from your home. You can then get your product delivered to your doorstep without even having to browse the internet for it. It allows people to save more time while being more precise in their cooking.

  • Gyro Glove:

One of the biggest uses of AI has been towards the healthcare sector and technological advancements are being made to come up with better devices to care for people’s health. One such advancement in that area is the GyroGlove. It has been specifically developed for people who have Parkinson’s disease and help them cope with hand tremors. The glove itself is fingerless and it places a gyroscope on the top of the patient’s hand which then creates a sensation similar to a hand moving in a thick liquid. Although it doesn’t eliminate the tremors completely, it does help reduce the vibrations allowing you to perform tasks more easily. A mobile app also accompanies the glove that can help the patient or their caretakers or the doctor to make the glove work in the best possible way for the patient.

  • Dashbot:

Cars and trucks being equipped with driverless technology is still in the testing phase and is yet to reach the people. However, something quite unique known as “Dashbot” can be used by anyone who owns a car. Dashbot is a personal assistant for your car and can perform functions such as send a text through your phone or change the song in your car. It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, listens to your voice commands and then does those functions accordingly. The Dashbot supports platforms such as Amazon, ESPN Radio, Alexa, Apple and many others. It also has the advantage of having an open API (Application Programming Interface), meaning that more developers can add support for their platforms and services. All these functions of this device saves you from being distracted while driving, giving you a better chance of having a smooth ride.

Although we have yet to reach an era where much of the physical work will be performed by devices equipped with artificial intelligence, but these devices have the capacity to pave the way for that time. These inventions are made to make the lives of the people slightly easier, yet have the potential to change their lives drastically in the long run. Adopting such devices will only prepare us in a better way for bigger future innovations that may become the part and parcel of the daily lives of humans.

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