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Amazon files Lawsuit against 1k+ Users for fake reviews.

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The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has filed lawsuit against their 1k+ affiliates for doing fake reviews on amazon products. The complaint has been filed in Seattle court on Friday 16th October 2015. The company also started deep investigation to look for more fake reviewers. This lawsuit primarily targeting thousands of users who are using to selling fake reviews. Actually Amazon is very strict to their policy and especially when their brand reputation is under risk.

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Amazon has also taken similar steps in April this year where company take serious action against websites for offering the service of selling false reviews. The company said that most of such websites have been shut down, and its new suit is to weed out the individuals who are posting misleading reviews.

According to the news published in Geekwire

Most of the defendants offer positive or 5-star reviews for Amazon sellers’ products. Indeed, many encourage the Amazon seller to create the text for their own reviews,” the complaint “For example, Fiverr seller “bess98” in her “I will do […] Amazon, Reviews, for $5” gig promises to post “awesome review on your amazon product.”

According to amazon they said that in their investigation they found many reviewers were trying to circumvent’s review filter by using different accounts and IP addresses to post reviews.

The company also alleges that in some cases shady reviewers had empty boxes shipped to them in order to make it look as if they have really purchased the products, hence making their reviews look more credible. “In at least one instance, the seller of a “Verified Review” was willing to receive an empty envelope, not the product itself, simply to create a shipping record to document product receipt, and to thereby avoid detection by Amazon.”

There is no doubt that these steps taken by Amazon have created panic among fraudster. This will help customers who are looking for genuine product reviews and don’t get caught by fake reviews. So, if you have any thoughts regarding this step taken by Amazon, you can share it with us. Just drop a comment below.

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