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Apple releases pre-sale at your online store.

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Apple, as promised, began the pre-sale period of the iPad Pro on its website, allowing interested in its newest tablet with iOS come forward and reserve a unit of the portable device before mass marketing. Entering the shop of the Cupertino giant, it can see all the available models of the largest product category ever developed for her, including variants painted in silver, gold or Space Gray, or spatial gray, as Apple likes to call as well the two options of choice in connectivity, with support only for Wi-Fi networks and can connect to the internet via 4G LTE. Those who buy a novelty copy now also take advantage of the free shipping.

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The version with 32GB of memory for internal storage and access only to the Wi-Fi connectivity goes for $ 799, being the cheapest range offered by the company from the United States, but who is more demanding can pay US $ 949 for the same variant, but with 128GB of native space. Meanwhile, the only option with 4G LTE has the aforementioned 128GB to save music, videos, movies, applications and other files supported by iOS, leaving the stores for US $ 1,079. Translated into our context, the values ​​are transformed into approximately R $ 3,000, R $ 3,560 and R $ 4,050, using the current price dollar as conversion basis and excluding the Brazilian taxes, higher amounts already collected by Apple.

In technical terms, recalling everything that has been seen on the iPad Pro, its specifications list includes a 12.9-inch screen, using resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels (approximately 265 pixels per inch), 4 GB of RAM, chipset Apple A9X, offering a performance processing and graphics capabilities significantly higher than the A9 (used in the new iPhone, for example) versions with 32 GB or 64 GB of memory for internal storage, making it impossible to expand it via microSD card, main camera 8-megapixel and 1.2 megapixel front of, battery promises to last 10 hours away from outlets and 9 as the iOS operating system factory installed.

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If you want a device even more luxurious and flashy than the iPad Pro models offered natively by Apple, you can purchase the gold-plated version, which sells for incredible R $ 11,000, ignoring the taxes that need to be borne to bring it to the territory tupiniquim. Still, there are chances that amount being hit in Brazil without the luxury treatment, considering the prices already practiced by the company led by Tim Cook here. Unfortunately, there is no prediction of arrival of the giant tablet here.

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