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Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence on POS System

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The use of artificial intelligence in POS and automation has plenty of functions. The intelligent automation is being used by self driving cars to drones. Here are some of the main ways whereby a business can be benefited by the robotic process automation and the combination of artificial intelligence.

  • Prevention of any kind of fraud:

In automation, the use of artificial intelligence can help in plenty of functions. The use of AI helps us to link the theft to the face of a person directly. To the top POS system the camera can be attached and this will help to record all the transactions and directly link them to the faces along with other details which are fed inside the system. There is always a risk of utilization of fake currency or frauds in the use of credit cards, with this modern system; it is very easy to catch them. The use of artificial intelligence can also help in the prevention of cyber attacks by the identification of any kind of abnormal behavior and user requests. Under this condition, the requests are not taken by the system automatically and alert is sent to the management to take further action.

  • Management of Brand:

The task of brand management is made breeze with the help of automation. Regarding their brand, it is always a struggle to understand the opinion of customers and marketers are always struggling to achieve this. With the help of automation, the analysis of the content across internet can be found with automation and that too at regular basis; this also allows them to identify the main and critical issues. In the same way, for social media the use of Watson Analytics is an ideal example of reality based automation. The set of focus keywords can be defined by the user along with defining the context and acknowledging the online user’s opinion in a matter of few minutes.

  • Department of Customer services:

In a very short period of time, chat bots have gained much popularity. Apple was the pioneer to launch Siri but now it is a common battleground for many famous brands. The programs which can understand the input of user contextually are known as chat bots and they can respond efficiently to the queries as well. These chat bots are utilized to automate the sales and messages for marketing along with customer services. The bots can be deployed on the various social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. it does develop friction due to the process of download as in case with many other apps. They act very much similar to human and can reduce the work load on the help desks of customers.

  • Testing of Software and development:

One of the rapidly growing fields is the automation in testing. There are wide ranges of equipments which are available at present; there is a probability that testing work is entirely and exclusively automated in the upcoming times. The most commonly used intelligent testing tools now days include SauceLabs, ReTest, Applitools etc. The developers with the help of these tools can keep their focus on the core coding and get over the worries of fixing bugs on the systems of intelligence. The automation development is a long way to go but there are several tools which can relieve the developers from tedious work.

  • HRM or human resource management:

Shorting of CV, identification of potential candidates and management of old data is always tough for the recruiters. With the help of automation, on a large scale this work can be automated. Now days human resource and managers involve in recruitments get huge resumes via system of automated applicant tracking. The job application materials are uploaded by these solutions to their databases when for any role the user applies. The professionals of human resource then get the data in the form of packets which can be managed via several options.

  • Benefits of choosing intelligent automation:

The use of AI in the automation makes it easier to run the business efficiently and to carry out the routine operations speedily. The approach is definitely beneficial for business and here are some reasons for it:

  • Reduction of cost:

The training cost is there will you make a human being ready to perform any job. You are supposed to deal with the turnover of an employee, give some period for his skill development. While the machine when well trained shows much improvement with the passage of time, there is no involvement of cost in the repeated training.

  • Improvement of efficiency:

People have always a margin of mistakes no matter how efficient they are. The automation solution is always best and foolproof and no margin of error is left behind. From the output it learns with time and hence there is much more improvement in the efficiency.


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