Best 10 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

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Best 10 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

Flutter is no longer a second fiddle; it’s thriving!

A few years back, in 2021, Flutter overtook the React Native. A recent survey indicates that 42% of developers have used Flutter globally.

Approximately a third of mobile developers utilize a cross-platform framework, while others employ native tools. So, the higher success rate of Flutter app development is evident!

Flutter’s adoption is set to increase even at a larger scale in years to come.

So, here we are advocating for Flutter since it brings a myriad of benefits to the table. Flutter helps build native-looking Android and iOS applications from the same code base while minimizing the development cost considerably.

Flutter overview

Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google. It allows developers to build backend and frontend applications. Developers mostly employ Flutter for native custom mobile app development. This means developers can use a single codebase and programming language to develop custom apps for multiple platforms. The Flutter latest version was released on February, 15th, 2024.

This framework utilizes the Dart programming language. Its open-source and dynamic community is active on Discord, Slack, Gitter, and Reditt platforms.

Unique characteristics of Flutter Framework

  • Perfect for cross-platform applications and supports six platform
  • Potential to develop intuitive design
  • Lower app development cost
  • Offers a range of customization options for developing an application
  • A growing community that offers documentation for education
  • Offers quick development and deployment

Let’s check out 10 solid reasons to choose Flutter for mobile app development!

Top 10 reasons to choose Flutter for mobile app development

1. Open-source and free framework

Globally, anyone who wants code access can access this open-source framework. It improves application quality considerably. Besides that, developer forums allow programmers to view documentation and post queries as and when needed. With this framework, professionals can interact with each other and find the best-fit resolution to common challenges. Ultimately, the Flutter app development process becomes seamless because of such accessibility.

2. Tailored & pre-built UI widgets

Flutter offers pre-built widgets in its graphical user interface (GUI). Custom app development becomes easy with such UI components. Cupertino and Material design are the primary types of customized widget design; besides that, you can leverage Dart to install a multitude of capabilities in mobile applications. Whether it is widget functionality, animation, or different gestures, Flutter facilitates various customization.

Hire Flutter developers to create engaging and aesthetically pleasing UI using such widgets. It increases the chances of retaining customers, captivate new visitors.

3. Plentiful open-source packages

End-users’ needs are shifting, and they are demanding more customized features for mobile applications. That is why you should consider a framework consisting of an adequate number of plug-ins and modules. Developers can employ needed packages to build advanced and user-oriented features. Globally, every developer can access these components. Periodically, package updation and refinement are possible for customized mobile app development.

4. Hot Reload feature

Hot Reload is one of the Flutter functions that acquired a stellar reputation amongst business owners and developers. Hot reload functions faster than hot restart or default restart of Flutter. It is the most sought-after feature.  Hot Reload feature enables developers to,

  • Fix bugs
  • Build new UI
  • Add new features
  • Apply changes without restarting the app

You developers can iterate quickly on code modification and avoid code errors sooner, allowing to facilitate a better user experience. You can access this feature from Flutter debug mode and fix the most common issues quickly without investing much efforts while saving time.

5. Perfect for MVP

It is an application with minimal functionalities, which allows organizations to test their projected applications and customers’ insights before launching the app. In particular, the Flutter framework allows organizations to accelerate the MVP development process and make product development more fluent. Flutter’s rich functionality leads to time savings, which makes it a suitable choice for MVP—Minimum Viable Product development.

6. Easy access to native features

Hire Flutter developers to access the native features seamlessly. Native language boosts the development process. Therefore, an application can utilize features like cams and geolocations. Additionally, native elements enable easy storage of vital data on users’ devices. It allows designers to design native UI for every platform with minimum effort.

7. Suitable for cross-platform app development

The native development approach is quite expensive compared to cross-platform development, and it is faster too. However, cross-platform applications were not up to the mark in terms of performance and native appearance before Flutter came into existence. With Flutter, building cross-platform applications with a native feel and look became feasible, eliminating the dilemma of choosing between quality and cost.

8. Excellent portability

Since Flutter’s latest version was released on February 15th, 2024, with fewer versions ahead, six platforms are available from a single codebase: Linux, Windows, Web, macOS, and iOS. This means that with the same code, you can develop and publish your application on these platforms. Your audience reach also increases without investing much time and budget in development, as you do not need to build an app separately for every platform.

9. Quick-time to market

Being an experienced Flutter app development company in the USA, it is undoubtedly easy to say that Flutter saves significant time on app development. Thanks to Flutters SDK and its features like,

  • Single codebases that enable the development of cross-platform applications for various platforms.
  • Pre-built reusable and customizable widgets and components that help to build engaging and intuitive UI.
  • Hot Realod allows developers to make code modifications in real-time without restarting the application.

10. Lower development cost

Utilizing the single codebase, developers can build tailored applications. This simplicity and flexibility minimize the need for a complex development process. Besides that, cross-platform compatibility saves on the budget for developing exclusive apps. It is an ideal framework for businesses with limited financial resources who wish to launch a stellar application with lower investment and higher ROI with Flutter app development.

11. Global community

Since Flutter is an open-source framework, developers across the globe can take part in development, share experiences, and contribute new documentation to create educational materials like courses, books, and more. That is why Flutter is consistently becoming a better framework that consists of diverse cases and expertise from across the globe. Additionally, Google facilitates quick fixes and periodic updates, supporting the framework’s widespread popularity.

Let’s begin with Flutter app development

All in all, Flutter SDK is an excellent choice for cross-platform mobile app development. Flutter framework-based application functions smoothly and perfectly stimulate the native-like functionality. Flutter comes with ample modules, UI rendering elements, device APIs, a number of libraries, and many more. Basically, you have all the required technologies and tools in a single package that significantly improves the performance and experience of the developed application. As a well-established Flutter development company in the USA, we are certain that Flutter will continue to evolve and attract more developers and companies globally. The temptation and convenience that Flutter brings when writing one codebase to develop an application for multiple platforms are just too strong to ignore!

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