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Best 8 Killer Adobe Photoshop Tips For Designers

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Best 8 Killer Adobe Photoshop Tips For Designers

Adobe Photoshop is the best software for a designer to enhance the outcomes of the creative process. If you are just a beginner or have not worked with the tools, you can still become a professional expert in using Photoshop and showcase your skills with the help of the pro and unique tips that professional experts use. The below helps you with understanding majestic pro tips that can save your time and boost productivity as a Photoshop user. Implement these easy pro tips to get selected when someone hire a Photoshop designer.

  1. Resize your files just in a second

By using the Adobe Photoshop application you can resize an enormous amount of files at the same time without any hindrance. Imagine if you want to resize an e-book of five hundred pages to a dimension of 200×400 pixels. Can you convert every single page one after the other? It is extremely tedious work to handle and complete.

But in the Photoshop application, you can resize a bulk amount of images at the same time without any hindrance. Here is the better trick to save you from this tedious work: first in the Photoshop application go to the ‘file’ section, then you will find ‘Automate’ then click the ‘Batch’ option available. You can use this option and edit up to 500 images at the same time. This saves your time and effort to get things done faster and in a better way.

  1. Use keyboard shortcut for ultimate speed

As a designer, it is better to know keyboard shortcuts to make design faster. Knowing more shortcuts makes it easier to design faster than ever before.

  • The following are shortcut keys that are used mostly while designing
  • The shortcut key for the brush tool is .
  • The shortcut key used for erasing or erasing the tool is .
  • While designing, if you want to switch back to the default color black or white or background color is ,
  • The short key used for default color is .
  • While designing when you need to increase your brush size the shortcut key is []]
  • If you need to decrease brush size the shortcut key is [[].

These are the most widely used shortcut keys which can save lots of time and clicks.

  1. Eyedropper tool

Being a designer the most important situation that every designer undergoes is selecting the right colors from the color panels which is a bit of an annoying process. Because the designer must first select the color according to the design then they should launch the color to the design with the help of a color picker.

Now the designer should find the hex number of the color, after finding the appropriate color code, then click on the color palette in Photoshop. Now exact the color and launch the selected color to the design. This procedure is annoying to implement while designing. So, here is the magical pro tip to save you from this annoying procedure.  First click on the eyedropper tool then activates it. Now click on the Photoshop main work screen where you want that color to be implemented. This is a secret pro tip that only 5% of graphic designers know. So, now you are one of the top designers by knowing these secret pro tips. Use these tips to enhance your work speed and deliver your work on time. Even as a company, if you hire a Photoshop designer, they should know this trick.

  1. Tool presets

The biggest advantage of using Adobe Photoshop is that it comes with a big collection of pre-developed tools and presets. These are in-built and pre-developed tools that can be used easily for your designing purpose. You can create a scatter brush from the watercolors brush set; this can save your time. You can save these tool presets for the future while designing. Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop allows you to expand its capabilities by downloading plugins. For example, you can download photoshop color wheel plugin, providing you with a broader spectrum of colors to choose from during your design process. Moreover, you can leverage filters and manipulate existing designs to achieve your desired outcome, adding flexibility and creativity to your projects.

  1. Customize your font tracking

If you are a designer you would probably know the difficulty of tracking your fonts. Here is your pro tip: in Adobe Photoshop you can increase the font tracking easily which can later be used for specific creations like logos and buttons. This can save you enormous time and effort in finding the fonts, now you can easily find fonts without any hindrance.

  1. Use the shortcut to save your time!

Every designer is very frequently addicted to using the undo options to make the design perfect and to achieve clarity in design. In Photoshop the designers use Ctrl + Z easi//st keyboard action to undo an action while designing. While if you press the same Ctrl + Z it will not undo again instead do redo an action, so this is no shortcut that you can use for multiple undo.

If you need to do it multiple times, you can use this keyboard action Alt + Ctrl + Z. This is the pro tip that you can use to save your time while undergoing undo or redo operations.

  1. Learn about keyboard shortcuts for layer manipulation

While using Photoshop application to work with detailed designing you need to zoom in and out several times which sucks lots of time and energy. The pro hack that you can use to zoom in shortcut key is and the zoom out shortcut key is . Use this hack to save your time and effort to use the mouse several times. You can use [ Ctrl 0 ] to make the design fit the window. You can easily merge two or more layers with the help of the shortcut which can decrease the document size.

  1. Create your instant layout!

One of the most exhausting jobs of the designer is creating layouts that take ample time to get the work done. There are lots of issues that you need to handle while creating a layout like graphics, spacing, and typography. Here is the pro tip to save your time, first press the V key and then hold down the control key. Now you can create your layouts in just a few minutes.

These are the pro tips to make you a more advanced professional, with these tricks you can even design a website layout within a week whereas others take more than 10 days. These tips will help you to unlock your full potential to become a top-notch designer and be the preferred one when someone hire a Photoshop designer.

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