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Best Android Social Apps.

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Smartphones have allowed us to communicate with the world and other people in ways we never dreamed possible. While some argue that smartphones are making us less social, the reverse is actually true with many smartphone apps actually helping us become more social in the process. There are a number of ways that apps do this, and these are the best social apps available today.


One of the most famous of the Android social apps right now is Keek. Keek has been around since 2011 and it allows users to post “keeks’ To the website through the mobile app, and other users can reply back through comments and texts. These are known as “keekbacks”. The app has actually been called the Twitter for video, as well as a micro-version of YouTube. Others have seen it as a combination of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Through the app, Keeks can only be 36 seconds long and are uploaded directly from the smartphone camera. Many prefer this because the content is less polished, and far quicker to react to. It has received a huge amount of growth in the past few years, and has been called the New Wave in Social Media Technology. Today, Keek is growing by about 250,000 users per day. Currently, the Android app has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, and has been downloaded nearly 10 million times.

Rounds Video Chat and Group Call

Think of it as FaceTime for Android but with so much more. This free app allows for a complete video chat with one person, or an entire group, while also allowing for group text messaging. It also comes with games, effects, and more that can be used while the app is running. It does require Facebook to run but it works extremely well over mobile data service and wi-fi connection. It allows for screenshots as well, and even the watching of YouTube videos together while having the group chat.


While many social video apps only allow you to share short videos and small pictures, Mobli allows you to share videos that are of unlimited length. You can use the camera, or pick a video from your gallery and you can add in a variety of effects on the pictures. In all, there are 17 effects for photos and 10 for videos. One great thing about Mobli is that it provides you with hashtags that you can use when you upload the video, while also letting you put in your own. It will also find people for you to follow by using your Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as the contacts on your phone. An excellent app for keeping in touch with the people around you, your friends and your family.

Smartphones have changed the world, and they are bringing us together like never before. These apps, and many more like them, help make that social interaction easier, allowing for face-to-face communication over huge distances across the planet.

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