Best practice to enhance and enlarge photos

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One of the most common challenges for many photographers, either amateurs or professionals, is to prepare their images and pictures for printing. In addition to thinking about file formats, ratios, as well as color profiles, they also need to consider increasing the image size. Fortunately, there are now many programs and online tools that can make these tasks much simpler and quicker. In this guide, we will show you some top practices and ways to enlarge photos.

Best practice to enhance and enlarge photos

  1. What should we do to enlarge photos for printing?

There are many tools and options available to increase image sizes. The decision over a specific application will depend on many factors, such as original sizes, your budgets, the final resolution that you want, the processing time, and more. In most cases, these image enlargers tend to re-sample or force image resolution and re-sharp the images at the same time to ensure overall quality.

The problem is that it is not most services do not actually meet your needs for overall quality. Even when they do, the costs tend to be high. In the next section, we’ll introduce an online solution that is both affordable and high-quality: AI Image Enlarger.

  1. Overview of AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is a free online tool that allows you to increase the size of your images with ease. It makes use of advanced AI technologies and powerful machine learning to create high-quality enlarged pictures without losing any significant parts. The tool supports most image extensions and sizes. You can achieve the final results in a few seconds with three simple steps: upload, select, and download. More importantly, it is completely free to use without any registration or payment.

  1. Features and benefits of AI Image Enlarger

Below are some of the great features and benefits of using AI Image Enlarger that you need to know:

– Safe and free to use

The tool provides completely free services for anyone to enlarge and increase the size of their images without losing any quality. It does not require any registration so that you will not need to worry about your private data being stolen. After every two hours, all uploaded pictures will be removed completely.

– High-quality results

Unlike other free tools, AI Image Enlarger makes use of advanced technologies to deliver high-quality images in the quickest time. The AI system can analyze all resolutions and scales to ensure all parts can be enlarged properly without quality loss.

– Quick results

The tool is equipped with the most powerful process and GPU in its server. Therefore, most processes of enlarging images will take only a couple of seconds. This will help you save a lot of time and efforts, especially when you need to do it with many items at the same time.

– Simple to use

Even when you are not a professional photographer or computer user, it is very easy to use AI Image Enlarger. All that you need to do is to upload the image and select the mode or specifications that you want for your images. After a few seconds, the tool will give you the final results for downloading.

  1. Alternative ways to enlarge photos by using Photoshop

Another way to increase the size of your images for printing is to use Photoshop, one of the most popular applications for photo editing in the world. Below are a few simple steps to help you do this:

Step 1: Open Photoshop and load the image

Step 2: On the menu, choose “Image”, then “Image Size”. You can also press Alt + Ctrl + I, instead. Now you will see a screen that indicates the current size of your image

Step 3: In the Pixel Dimension box, you can enter the new measures, including the Height and Width, that you want for your new images

Step 4: Click OK and you will see your newly-resized image in Photoshop

Step 5: Click “File” and choose “Save” to complete


Printing digital images in large sizes is more and more popular. With these advanced image enlargers, your final results will be much better to create spectacular and beautiful pictures in real life. But keep in mind that the key is to choose the right tool and use it in the right way. We hope that you enjoy reading this post and gain a better understanding of photo enlargements.

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