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Biomechanics: the interfacing of human with machines for the betterment of mankind

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For long time it was considered that biology (The science of life) and mechanics (The actual laws of physics and movement) are not interrelated and have a very less degree of commonality between them. This perception is changing very fast as under the new age everyone has grown to understand that the deeper we go into the basics and the very foundation concepts of these sciences and disciplines, the more connected they seem. This is just analogous to a tree where if looked upon carelessly can be understood as a collection of different branches, each spreading out in its own particular direction but as we go closer and closer to the roots of the tree, we find out that these are very much connected and close together and actually contribute to the development and growth of each other at an unprecedented level.

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Biomechanics is one such field, whose individual terms are explained above but when used in union they stand for the study of mechanical principles implemented on the movement and structure of humans or other living organisms. This field has seen a great increase in popularity especially in the last decade and a half as the sports industry has grown tremendously which has led to a close examination towards the well-being of athletes and other sports personalities. Biomechanics field not only looks at the body as a whole when it is under stress of movement but also smaller individual structures of human body to get the detailed know how of how deep a problem may persist if any inconvenience is caused to the athlete. The study of biomechanics has been followed up by great and marked improvement among the lifespans and careers of an athletes it has been able to forecast the correct amount of workload and stress an athlete can handle under certain periods of times.

Cricket is just one sport that has made extreme use of these technologies as it not only helps the existing cricketers identify risks at early stages of their career but also for the kids that are just taking up the sport and are super passionate about it. The most demanding and undoubtedly the most interesting facet of a cricket game is the art of fast bowling. Fast bowling is very unnatural to the human body as it just does not agree with the logic of throwing something rather than rolling your arm over. Fast bowling involves lot of running and jumping. All of these actions are very taxing to the human body alone even under favorable circumstances. But doing them over time and again and as an outdoor sport all of these activities are performed in predominantly hot, arid climates that affect the overall health of the athlete. Introduction of biomechanics and enrollment of its respective experts in the management and support staff has greatly improved the cricketing culture. Now the experts and doctors are able to get a detailed scan of the human anatomy of an athlete using all the sensors and detectors and then try to simulate a physical model under all circumstances, using different actions and different prerequisites so that the most favorable of the option is selected. The experts sometimes be blunt and harsh and can totally neglect the possibility of an athlete playing regarding its health conditions which in the longer term is his benefit as when things go wrong with human physiology and anatomy the damage is largely irreversible and can cause a great deal of pain and agony for times to come.

Engineering is one other field which is making great use of biomechanics as it now even has dedicated programs that offer students to dive deep into the human body structure and all the relations when it is moving or under tension of all sort. Even at lower levels students are opting for projects that involve more and more of the principles of biomechanics for two very important reasons. The first is that the science of biomechanics is a very natural and understandable one, as we can see it in motion and its practical implementation can be done on our very bodies. we do not need any sort of external expertise that tells us what is actually paining to the body or not. The second reason is the fact that biomechanics is a field which involves an interplay of the physical world and the laws that are in theory, every bright student would like the challenge of implementing the theories and laws on paper to actual applications in the real world.

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One other modern sort of invention or breakthrough that this science has been able to achieve is the manufacturing of biomaterial. Biomaterial is a synthetic material, totally artificial and engineered to collaborate and contact with the actual biological structures and organelles in the human body that either treat a particular condition or at least able to diagnose one. Many companies and organizations are investing huge capitals into biomaterials because they not only see it as a huge potential but an also as a marketable commodity that will appeal to the consumer companies as well. The biomaterials are synthesized using different chemical processes using materials of different compositions that might include polymers, metallic components and might even include sometimes some specimen of a living material that is very essential in getting the structure to be actually accepted by the human immune system and not actual deal with it as a foreign particle and employ the usual defense mechanisms in turn either harming the human body or the biomaterial. The biomaterials synthesized must also not be easily biodegradable as these are expensive and could not be afforded at frequent intervals. Them being easily broken down by the natural processes of the human body would be of utmost inconvenience to the patient as injecting it might also require a great deal of tolerance and ordeal. These include prosthetic components as well. They are of immense use as now we are with the help of biomaterials able to replace damaged or severely diseased organs and part of the human body for example the joints.  Sometimes the structure is so robust and soothing that they can with the passage of time not only provide comfort and act as pain killers but can actually be embedded with medication doses and release those doses at appropriate times and in measured volumes to provide a better health experience to the patient.

Biomechanics is of particular interest to all the budding engineers and researchers as well, as studying it and implementing it not only solves the existing disabilities and handicaps but also as we are getting to the age of building up more realistic and humanoid robots, we need to implement these principles onto it so that their movement and anatomy is as similar to us as possible. Many of the students of engineering universities and colleges are choosing biomechanics more frequently and in greater number as they are seeing this field having potential and scope in future. With the growth of sports industry, all of these fields are increasing and developing with this, as all of these impacts are compounded over a period of time which is helping new disciplines and fields not only to spring up but actually create a position of note in the hierarchy of various disciplines.


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