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Choose the best SSL certificate for your business

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Choose the best SSL certificate for your business

SSL is more than just a buzzword that is echoing in the digital world. The internet security is the major issue and sharing vital data over the internet needs a serious coating of security to discourage the misuse of the same. SSL encrypts the plain English data into undecipherable codes to make the information irrelevant for the hackers. This code can only be deciphered by the intended technical devices i.e. the server and the browser. Depending upon the objectives and usage, there are different SSL certificates to choose from. Here is a list of various SSL certificates that you can choose from to align best with your requirements:

Extended validation certificate

Extended validation certificates are the most rewarding certificates for your digital property due to its extended rigorous checking that reaffirms the real-life authenticity of your online property and ensures that your business meets the key corporate compliances as per the independent audit.

  • CA/Forums or certificate authority/browser forum has clearly defined some high-standard checking guidelines for the issuance of EV certificates and the issuing authority must issue the certificate only after going through all these guidelines.
  • A distinct different offers a privileged status to the qualified sites by turning the address bar to the visibly assuring green color in addition to showing the complete legal business name before the URL
  • If you are interested in reinforcing trust in your brand and enjoy the premium position then EV certificates is the best fit for you. Though costly, they are able to offer you some privileged rewards like a clearly distinct differentiator.
  • Apart from the online properties that facilitate cash transactions- like banks and online wallets, the EV is also used by the major E-commerce brands.

Organization validation certificates

A business goes through a standard manual testing process by the CA in order to acquire the organization validation certificate which includes the comprehensive business and company validations.

  • OV certificates are issued to the businesses after conducting a detailed organization validation process using standard manual testing that involve direct person to person interaction.
  • The OV certificates come with complete company name/address
  • The level of assurance is significantly high- especially when compared with domain validated certificate.
  • Apart from the domain ownership, the OV also validates the name of the company and its address details.
  • Along with the padlock icon the complete legal name of business precedes the URL.

Domain validated certificates

As the name suggests, the domain validated certificates are the basic certificates that only prove the domain ownership but do not go beyond it to validate the business identity of the organizations to which the domain belongs/indicates. It is noticeable here that the data encryptions of DV are as high as the other certificates. Hence the basic level of validations does not have any impact on the data encryption strength.

  • No manual process, person to person contact or real time interaction is involved in the DV process.
  • There is an online process powered by automated steps that establishes the domain control
  • Thus DV is not able to match the assurance level offered by OV and EV
  • The quick issuance and cheap prices are the two major USPs of DV
  • Most of the general online properties belonging to self professionals, budding bloggers, home businesses, regional small business and brochure websites general prefer DV over other more expensive options.

Single domain certificates

As the name suggest the single domain certificates are apt for a single domain. It is worth mentioning that these certificates empower the clients to secure all the page(s) of the domain as per the requirements. Like, if you have the single domain certificate for then you can secure, services and products.

  • If you have only one or two online properties then this is the best option for you as it allows you to secure multiple or all the pages related to your domain name.
  • Most of the SME prefer single domain certificates.
  • However, it is not an apt choice for organizations having a number of online properties as buying a separate single certificate for each property, it is not only expensive but also multiplies the management hassles.

Wildcard certificates

When you buy wildcard certificates you can secure your domain names as well as multiple sub-domains of the same. So if you buy Wildcard SSL Certificate for then you can also use it to secure services. as well as blog without requiring any additional certificate.

  • Apart from your present sub-domains the certificate also covers any future sub-domains that you will add.
  • Apart from being cost effective the Wildcard SSL Certificate also facilitates certificate management by minimizing their quantity.
  • That is why businesses that are in the transition period graduating to the higher levels prefer Wildcard SSL Certificate instead of buying multiple single certificates and multiplying the costs and hassles.

Multi-domain SSL certificate

As the name suggests the Multi-domain SSL certificates protects multiple domains via single certificate. If you own, and then you can manage all these 3 domains using single Multi-domain SSL certificate.

  • With Multi-domain SSL certificate you can protect as many as 100 domains/wildcard domains/ removing the domains or adding new domains is easy and straightforward.
  • It makes the deal much more economical and improves after sales experience as customers don’t have to juggle with the multiple certificates but only need to track a single MSC that facilitates management. It also facilitates updates and renewals.
  • These certificates offer a high-level security to Microsoft exchange and office communication environments.
  • A customer can add as many as 100 different domains on 1 UCC. For that purpose the UC certifies should make use of SAM (subject alternative name)

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