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Choosing The Right VPN: 6 Tips For First-Time Users

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Choosing The Right VPN

When you are working online, or you need to make your connection secure for any other reason, virtual private networks are your best option. VPNs have been used for quite a while now and people have recognized their value, meaning that they are certainly here to stay. The fact that these have been used for a while also means another important thing.

I’m talking about the fact that there is a huge number of VPNs and VPN providers out there, making it difficult for first time users to decide on the one they want to use. If you are one of those, don’t get immediately discouraged. It’s true that there are too many options and that choosing the perfect one is pretty difficult when you are just dipping your toe into this world for the first time, but it is also true that you can make the perfect choice with a little bit of effort.

Check out this detailed Surfshark vs IPVanish comparison article. They are two of the most popular VPNs right now.

As a first time user, you will have to find out more about how to use a virtual private network and then you will also need to ensure that you are choosing the perfect one. All of this can definitely be rather overwhelming. Still, instead of getting dispirited, you should do your best in order to get the information you need before actually starting to use a VPN. In this article, I’ll give you the information you need as a first-time user when it comes to choosing your actual VPN. Let’s get started.

choosing your actual VPN

Be Wary Of Free Ones

Everybody likes free stuff and there’s no doubt in my mind that you will also be tempted to use some of those free VPNs that are offered. This might not be the smartest idea, especially if your reason for using these services is connected to your work and business. Free virtual private networks are usually of poor-quality and not secure at all. Since security is the whole point, I suppose it’s clear why you should avoid these and opt for paying the perfect provider.

Consider Your Needs

Before making any choices whatsoever, you will need to take your particular needs into consideration. If you are the only one needing to use a VPN will require you to take different features into account than if you need these services for the whole household or for your business team. Multiple simultaneous connections are restricted by some providers, which means that you will need to take that into account before actually deciding which virtual private network to use.

Apart from that, there is also the question of what it is you will be doing online. For example, if your intention is to stream movies, then you will need to focus on finding a VPN with excellent speed and unlimited bandwidth. On the other hand, let’s say you travel a lot and you want to be secure when connecting to public networks. In a case like that, you need a virtual private network offering extreme security and a large number of servers all over the world. So, make sure to consider your needs before making any choices.

Check Compatibility

Check Compatibility

Now, most providers support all the main platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and similar, but the truth is that some of the VPNs you come across might not support all of those. This means that you will have to check compatibility with your particular devices, so that you don’t end up paying for something that won’t work for you. This is a factor that a lot of people fail to take into consideration simply because they assume compatibility is given, but don’t make the same mistake. Always check, never assume.

Check Quality And Reliability Through Reviews

If I could single out the most important tip that I can give you, then it would be this one. Read reviews about VPNs and read as many of them as you can find. Of course, don’t forget to keep in mind that you should read objective ones and not those that are simply praising specific providers God knows why, without ever telling you about any disadvantages that their VPNs might have. Those are far, far from objective, since every service does have its own advantages and disadvantages.

How does this reading work, though? It’s pretty simple. Let’s assume you stumble upon the IPvanish service provider and you are thinking of using their services because they seem to be able to offer what you need. Before actually making that final decision, you should read an in-depth IPvanish review in order to check whether those services they offer are of good quality and whether the provider is reliable at all.

I suppose I don’t need to emphasize why quality and reliability are the two most important factors to consider while reading these reviews. There are also some other elements, such as speed and similar, that you will need to keep in mind, but the truth is that all those other elements matter nothing if you find that the provider is unreliable. After all, your goal is to stay secure and using low quality VPNs offered by unreliable providers definitely won’t keep you safe.

Go For User-Friendly Interface

Finding the perfect VPN is one thing and actually using it is another. If it always takes too long for you to figure out how to connect to a particular server and you find yourself getting frustrated with how complicated the interface is. This is one more reason to read those reviews that I have already mentioned, because you will be able to find out everything you need to know about the interface before starting to use a particular VPN.

Look For Great Customer Service

It’s completely normal to have a problem with your virtual private network from time to time. This doesn’t have to mean that the provider is not that good and that you should immediately switch. Instead, you should look for great customer support service, so that you know someone will be there to help whenever you run into an issue.

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