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Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

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Smart assistants are getting popular day by day. They are awesome as they get a lot of your work done making everything so efficient. Smart assistants are usually an algorithm that necessarily follows a set process as soon as they sense a query. Many tech evangelists have already said they are in the early phases of voice search pretty similar to like when twitter and facebook were in their early days.

Comparing Smart Assistants

The smart assistants are continuously getting smarter with each coming day. They can do a variety of stuff for us, from ordering food to texting something on the local messenger of our smartphone. The process is pretty simple. Whenever you make a query, your request is taken up, packaged and sent to the servers that the company owns. Just in case, you have a poor internet connection then the process becomes very slow. At every point your voice tone is dissected into small bits so that the algorithms can understand the context of what you wish to know or if you are simply making a statement.

Below infographic is an excellent example of how the different smart assistants of tech giants respond to different queries. They all respond to a certain query and they even have a name by which they are usually called. Amazon’s alexa, Google assistant is triggered by saying Ok google and it will listen to you, Apple Siri is triggered by exclaiming Hey Siri. From all the responses, one can definitely make out that google assistant gives the best answers compared to the others.In the end, it all depends on what kind of queries do you ask.

(Image: Techiespad)

Comparing Smart Assistants Infographics

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