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Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Iphone 6

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Summary: The two top-end phones in the current market are Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. Here is an interesting comparative study of Samsung galaxy s6 vs iPhone 6.

Digital and electronics technology is progressing rapidly with the passage of time. Every walk of our lives is getting positively affected by the emergence of novel technological developments every day. One of the gifts of development of electronics is the smartphone. In today’s world, a smartphone is an extension of its owner. This device facilitates us not only to make voice calls and send text messages; it also finds its application in almost every field of life. It allows us to surf the internet, watch movies, shop anything online, play high definition games etc.

Points of similarity

While comparing Samsung galaxy s6 vs iPhone 6, let us have a look at the points of similarity or closeness between these two models.

  • Both the galaxy s6 and the iPhone 6 are targeted towards the elite group of buyers. With prices starting from around forty odd thousand rupees, both these phones are for those who want to keep themselves updated with the best and the latest arrivals in mobile technology and can afford them
  • Both phones are immaculately designed. Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 both have metallic bodies made of aluminum, accentuated with robust and scratch proof glass.
  • These phones have advanced fingerprint and ID detection technology. This feature provides for the safety of your phone, its data and monetary transaction etc.

Two smartphone giants

In the market of smartphones and other related devices in India, two brands have made their presence felt like no other. These are Samsung and Apple. The flagship phones by these companies, the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone respectively have been enjoying immense popularity among the Indian consumers. The iPhone has primarily been targeted towards customers of the high-end smart-phone segment, whereas, Samsung has launched several models under the Galaxy series, which are meant to cater to all types of buyers. There are Galaxy phones in the low, mid and the top-end ranges. However, with the launch of two of its latest models, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is now a serious competitor of iPhone 6, the latest phone from the house of Apple.

Points of difference

Next, let us concentrate on the points of difference between the two top phones in the market, Samsung galaxy s6 vs iPhone 6.

  • Galaxy S6 by Samsung and iPhone 6 by Apple are more or less of the same size. However S6 has a larger screen to body ratio than iPhone 6 and has a larger display of 5.1 inches compared to 4.7 inches display of the iPhone.
  • S6 is equipped with superior AMOLED technology compared to iPhone’s IPS LCD. The S6 has higher pixel density than iPhone. S6’s camera is literally double as good as iPhone’s with 16 MP compared to the latter’s 8 MP.
  • The S6 has built-in wireless charging facility whereas iPhone 6 has none.

The final impression

As is clear from the above comparisons, the Galaxy S6 by Samsung is in many ways superior to iPhone 6 with respect to a number of crucial parameters. The smartphone you own reflects your class, status, success and personality. If you are planning to upgrade your phone, this is the correct time to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 and enjoy its appearance and performance.

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