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VCF file: VCF file is a standard file format for storing contact information. It includes a name, address, phone number, email address, and other contact information.

CSV File: CSV is a file format used to store tabular data such as a spreadsheet. It is a plain text that contains a list of data.

There are several times when users found a need to convert VCF contacts to CSV format. To accomplish this task, several users are searching for solutions. Therefore, we have discussed a secure solution to complete the conversion with this post.

Solutions to convert VCF Contacts to CSV format

Manual method to convert VCF 2 CSV

There are various manual solutions that claim conversion of VCF files into CSV format but there are certain issues with the manual solutions like in the manual method, all the steps are performed by the users and the contacts may be lost using the manual method. Moreover, the method is not so easy. It involves many complexities. Plus, a non-technical user won’t be able to handle the manual solution.

Software to convert contacts of VCF file into CSV format

Due to the limitations of the manual method, experts have suggested third-party software to use. You can easily migrate VCF files to CSV file format without any technical expertise with the software solution. Softaken VCF 2 CSV Converter Program suits all users to perform the conversion without any issues.

Main characteristics of VCF to CSV Converter Program

  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Capability to save Output as per your choice
  • Complete contact details and their components are exported
  • Bug-free software for easy conversion
  • Bulk conversion of VCF files to CSV format
  • Standalone utility to migrate VCF contacts into CSV
  • Easy downloading and installation of the program
  • Maintain folder hierarchy during and after the conversion
  • Fast and accurate conversion of VCF contacts to CSV format

Versions available

Limited version – The software comes with both the versions. Limited version of the software allows you to use the software and check its functions without paying any amount. It also helps to build your confidence to use the paid version. You can convert only 10 CSV files using the trial version of the software.

Paid version – Paid version of the software comes with full features that were not available in the paid version. Here, you need to purchase the software from the link given below –

Detailed Functioning of the software

With a few steps using VCF to CSV Converter, you can easily convert VCF files completely to CSV file format.

Step 1. Simple browsing options

Once you install the software, you can easily add VCF files to the software wizard. You need not put more efforts for adding files to the wizard. The software does not change the sequence of VCF files and does not harm any of the contact elements.

Simple browsing options

Step 2. Mapping of contact elements

In this step, the software asks you to map various elements of contact files such as given name, last name, company name, professional title, etc. which can be shown clearly in the image given below.

Mapping of contact elements

Step 3. Clear view of contact details

You can view each of the contact elements clearly in the preview section. This will help in easy viewing and checking the accuracy of files.

Step 4. Select Output Location

You have the freedom to select a desired location to save resultant data files. Once you hit the Browse button, you will be able to see the entire path of the selected location.

You have a special feature that helps you in ignoring empty files. Once you check ‘ignore empty columns while exporting’ this will help you to remove unwanted files to make the export process smooth.

Convert Now

Once you hit ‘convert now’ button, the whole process starts going on. It will take only a few minutes to complete the whole task.

Convert Now

Final Words

You can use both the methods as per your suitability. If you face any issue using the manual method, you can use software technique to convert VCF file to CSV file format. This will make your task easy and quick and you don’t need to possess any technical skills to perform the task using the software approach.

Moreover, there are various complications which a user may face with the manual solutions. To avoid all these issues, experts have suggested VCF 2 Converter third-party solution which is 100% safe and works quickly. A free trial of the application is granted for all users to easily go through the utility before applying for the license version. The utility can be simply downloaded on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and others without any trouble.

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