CRO and SEO How to Combine Strategies for Your eCommerce Business

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It is safe to say that eCommerce has been one of the world’s fastest growing industries for the past decade at least. One of the biggest advantages of eCommerce to business is that it erases the need of actual physical stores and maybe saves money on maintenance, utilities or rent. So, we’re not going to press more on the eCommerce meaning, but rather on how to build such a business.

Building an eCommerce business means a lot more than just choosing your brand name, writing the product listings, and start selling the products online. Even the greatest business ideas can fail if you don’t drive enough traffic to your platform.

If you would like to become a successful eCommerce business owner you are in the right place, you will find out from this website the most vital aspects that should be considered when setting up your online business.

How do CRO and SEO Strategies Connect in eCommerce?

Before we go any further, we believe that in order to get why these two are so closely connected, we need to start with their definitions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of attracting visitors to your site via the well-thought content that is filled with keywords and texts that attend to people’s wishes of reading/watching.

On the other hand, we have Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) that is in charge of converting visitors in buyers. Your goal here is to achieve as many as possible of lead-to-sales conversations through carefully organizing your website design, calls-to-action (CTAs) and displaying the appropriate content that encourage online purchases on your eCommerce platforms

A good combination of these two eCommerce marketing strategies will generate a lot of marketing power at your disposal. Simply put, SEO brings in the traffic and CRO converts that into sales.

In order for your business to have a stable and healthy grow over a long period of time, we suggest you to implement these three vital steps that will help you connect SEO and CRO strategies:

  • Visually appealing design with strong SEO content
  • Calls to Action and Keywords – how to balance them right
  • Social Media integration

Visually Appealing Design with Strong SEO Content

Like on every first date, the first impression is made at a visual level, then you are able to bring your witty jokes and remarks on the table to make a good impression.

It is exactly like that with your eCommerce platform, first it needs to have its own design “feel” that will attract people into buying your products. Content based on the readers needs has to be integrated into your design and the texts that you use should be relevant to Google’s optimization search.

Among other eCommerce SEO tips is checking out top keywords that people look for online on platforms like AdWords, so that you are in the loop on what phrases are likely to drive traffic to your site. Without a good sales-oriented content and design, SEO alone is powerless. All the eCommerce SEO services should be carefully combined so that you get the maximum out of your investment.

Seo content

Calls to Action and Keywords – How to Balance Them Right

CTA’s basically are phrases that have only one goal: drive the audience into purchasing your products, subscribing to your newsletter, or some other desired action. Now, without a good combination of keywords in your CTA it won’t have the desired effect.

Feel free to use imagery around your eCommerce platform, being one of the SEO tactics, and if it’s connected to strong CTAs then you paved the way to a nice conversion percentage

Leaving CTAs out of your marketing strategies can mean losing the revenue, as they are an essential way of directing your prospect into the next step of your sales process.

Social Media Integration

Google likes when the content is connected, so Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the other social media platforms need to be a part of your SEO mix.

Direct communication with your customers combined with CTA’s and keywords should drive your social media channels to a healthy growth. This will also generate additional traffic to your site.

A very important aspect is that you use the same keywords on your social media as well, taking into account that SEO for eCommerce websites compiles the texts from multiple sources and your social media platform is at the top of the list.

Social media

Final Thoughts about CRO & SEO

Having a successful eCommerce website is strictly correlated to having a good combination between the art of CRO and SEO, and finding that perfect balance between them can be critical to your success.

We hope all the above cleared the air a little bit about what SEO and CRO strategies are and we would like to hear your opinions in the comments. Engage with our readers in exchanging tips and tricks on SEO and CRO and let’s build a strong community.


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Ever since the term of SEO got viral, Thomas Glare was fascinated about how a better positioning in search engine can dramatically change the business. So, he started to look closely at how things work and he’s always up to date with the new tactics and algorithms released. Since he’s good with words, he decided to share the knowledge with others as well. He has also successfully applied marketing strategies to several brands.

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