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Differences Between Agile and DevOps You Should Know

by Team Techcolite
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Agile and DevOps are no longer unknown terms. Software development companies and other enterprises around the globe are grasping onto these two popular methodologies for a number of reasons.

Many organizations have already embraced Agile and DevOps, but there’s a constant debate about the differences between them and if one is better than the other.

Well, Agile is a software development methodology, whereas DevOps is a deployment methodology. While both of them are integrated into the Software Development Lifecycle to achieve somewhat similar goals like faster delivery, better quality product, there are some differences between Agile and DevOps.

While they may align towards a similar goal, both of them have different principles, tools, and processes.

Here’s what you should know about the differences between Agile and DevOps before you start working with them.

What are the Differences Between DevOps and Agile?

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