Digital Marketing The Internet Business Blueprint for Small Business

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Digital Marketing The Internet Business Blueprint

Advertisement done on digital platforms such as search engines, substitute, social media, mobile applications, appointment plus online scheduling, etc is known as digital marketing. This area covers a vast array of marketing activities such as pay per click advertising (PPC), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing. Digital Marketing techniques are helpful for small businesses that will require a momentum to reach heights. So we often see it that such startups and small businesses to switch between the different techniques to test the best solution that will help them fetch the updates of their business to its existing customers and attract new potential consumers.

There is a strategic approach that must be taken that must be taken to have a strong online presence using the various tools of digital advertising.

The website that is being designed must have its theme being prepared to target the consumers on whom the business is focusing upon. Also, the website/s must address the problems that will be solved by the organization. It is important to make sure that all the members of your organization to agree upon these points before starting the marketing process. If not then the productivity of the team is being impressed.

A mistake that the small businesses to focus upon while branding their products on digital sites is on the features of the products that have put on the market instead of briefing the consumers on how their products would benefit them. If people know of how the features would benefit them

One key element to maintain an excellent business figure is to have an active and vibrant conversation channel by en both parties – consumers and the buyers which although sounds taxing this can be achieved via various methods such as email, social media channel links, online chat. According to a leading business magazine, it has been seen that the consumers are satisfied when they can communicate in real-time with the customer care representative via live chat instead of other forms of communication such as email, voice, social media.

Email Marketing – This should be done based on the items got from research when implementing the content strategy. The email marketing campaign must be done to send out promotional content, any checklist or case study to the customers. The ratio of delivering the non-promotional items must be more compared to the promotional items to maintain a strong email marketing foothold.

Social Media Marketing – Social media is an important tool that can expand the market of your online business as the number of social media account holders is on a rapid rise every single day which means an expanding consumer base to fetch the message about your corporation. To start a social media campaign it is important to identify the social media channels used by the target market as people subscribe to either one or two social platforms at the highest of their own choice and are online at their own convenience’s here the challenge is to capture the attraction of the consumers use whenever they are online on any of the social media platform.

There are over seven billion searches being made on the Worldwide Web every day henceforth it is important that your business also reflects on this vast ocean of searches being done daily. In order to do so, it is important to use a very strong SEO strategy. To devise a strategy it is important to focus on these factors.

Excellent architecture

This means that the website is being done, so that is user-friendly so that people can find easily the items. Also, the web pages must be optimized by adding relevant keywords to the URL, titles, tags, Meta descriptions and body copy.


Here focus to design the online ads in such a manner so it has the least load time -an average of two seconds as the page’s speed is also a deciding factor about the effect of digital marketing on a company’s online business. Henceforth it is very important to test the speed of the website being designed using various tools available online or in the market.

Content Strategy

This is a tedious process that starts with the keyword research. This means the study has to be on the keywords that the people use more often to search online for the items and/or facilities. The keywords being found must have a significant commercial validity. Words that have less internet traffic are the ones that can be easily ranked by search engine optimization. To enhance the SEO campaign it is necessary to target words intended for research. As the people are looking for answers to the problems, it is the duty of SEO experts in your company to make its name appear among those in the top so it attracts the searcher’s attention when he/she types in the keyword that synchronizes with your company’s cause.


Google has added a feature that checks the authenticity of the sites being published. If a website fails to obtain an SSL certificate -the sites are being flagged as insecure and the users are being warned before accessing them as consumers will always want to buy from sites they trust or do want to access the sites they trust. Sites like Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and many more startup or full-fledged online businesses did have to obtain a certificate of this kind in order to make people realize that their sites were secured enough to access and perform online transactions.

Final Words

Digital marketing is here to stay. Everyone who ever has access to the Internet is shifting towards online services to fulfill their needs starting from daily grocery shopping to booking on the next flight with their loved ones. So companies are now focusing to grasp the market among these huge pools of online users to expand their business. Hence in this article would act as a guideline for the new businesses or startups looking for ways to expand their online base.


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