Does Pay Per Click Marketing Work on a Limited Budget

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Does Pay Per Click Marketing Work on a Limited Budget

Do you need to run a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign? You want to launch your eBook, but you’re short on cash. You used the money you had to hire a professional eBook writer offering eBook writing services. Now, with a limited budget, you’re wondering if you can run a pay-per-click marketing campaign to get your eBook before your target audience.

Guess what? You can!

PPC works for people with smaller budgets. You can use PPC to target visitors at every stage of the buying funnel. The stages include Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Spending money while having a shotgun approach will not get you the attention you think it would. Most people forget that and then wonder where they went wrong.

Let’s begin with targeting your audience.

  1. Target Using Keywords

What keywords are your target audience typing in the search engine? When your target audience is ready to buy, they type keywords in the search engine to bring up pages where they can visit and buy. You need to add location, time, and language to increase the conversion rate.

If you provide eBook writing services in Chicago, for instance, you can add the location. This will reduce the number of unwanted clicks, which will drain your budget, as those people may visit and exit your website.

Additionally, steer clear of broad matches, as that’s another surefire way to say goodbye to your budget. Begin with a modified broad match for higher relevance. PPC is an auction format, which means the price depends on demand and value, and here’s another mistake people tend to make.

They assume the higher the PPC budget, the higher number of quality leads. However, it’s the complete opposite. You can obtain quality leads with a limited PPC budget, as there’s no connection between budget and results.

Once you have the keywords and the budget set, you’re ready for the next phase of your PPC campaign— Testing!

  1. Test Several Messages and Markets

Back in the old days, we used to commit to releasing just one version of everything. The one-version strategy really didn’t get us anywhere. Just look at TV ads. The same company advertising their beauty product in two different countries chooses to use a local celebrity that people of that country can recognize.

You can and need to do the same. Instead of releasing one standard message to your target audience, you need to craft at least two. Instead of targeting one market with the PPC, you need to target at least two.

There’s no limit to how many messages you choose to create or the number of markets you target. The rule is to target more than one. Let’s talk about messages and then move on to marketing. You can use PPC to test your content and the combinations of different words and phrases. For instance, you use the word “organic cream” in your PPC campaign.

This resulted in several people clicking and visiting your website and even led to a few sales. You know now that the keyword worked in directing visitors to your website. You can use the keyword on your landing page and other pages of your website. A tip to create an effective PPC campaign to increase click-through rates is to change the description line from text to a quote from a customer or rearrange the copy in a headline.

On to the Markets!

You need to test several different markets using software that allows you to market directly to various potential customers using the appropriate language all across the world. If your PPC marketing campaign is producing exceptional results, use the same PPC marketing campaign in a different market.

You may need to make slight changes to make it suitable for the other market but will not have to change the entire thing. Some words in English may mean completely different in another language.

If you know any native speakers, you can ask them to review your ad before its launch. Failure to adjust the language will result in clicks by the wrong target market and with your money going down the drain.

Without tests, you wouldn’t know where to turn, so don’t underestimate their effectiveness.

  1. Test Everything

You need to test the buttons, headline, CTA placement, video, and more. Just don’t leave anything out! Testing will stop you from going in the wrong direction with your PPC. If a PPC didn’t work, find out why and adjust it. Keep adjusting it until you start receiving returns.

However, don’t think you’ll receive results overnight. It takes time for which you need a lot of patience. Once you have the PPC campaign ready, launch it and wait before reaching any conclusion. Based on your findings, you’ll create another test. Again, don’t quit. Keep at it. When you have perfected the formula, your PPC campaign will be a success.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself be swayed by opinions and emotions.

  1. Focus on Numbers

Don’t let your emotions and opinions get the better of you. Whether you have a limited budget or a big budget, don’t let emotions and opinions guide your PPC campaign strategy. Instead, you need to focus on numbers. You can make decisions quickly by using past data. You can use Google AdWords along with other tools to obtain the data.

The data will tell you which PPC campaign is meeting your expectations and which PPC campaign is failing to deliver any results. You need to invest in a good PPC and metrics program to retrieve data and generate results your business needs to attract potential buyers and get them to take the desired action, like buying your eBook or service. If you’re working with a limited budget, you need to create an effective strategy.

Two things that need to be a part of your PPC campaign design strategy are website links and call-out extensions.

  1. Site Links and Call-out Extensions

Have you seen extra links under an ad display? If you have, those are called site links. Site links are an effective way to show people the different types of services and products you offer. For instance, you offer eBook writing services and blog writing services.

You can add links to the blog writing page under the ad to direct people there. They may not be interested in eBook writing, but they may be interested in blog writing. Call-out extensions are also effective in directing visitors to your website.

Call-out Extensions Are the Fastest Way to Increase Clicks

This headline is an example of a call-out extension because it persuades people to learn more about it. Through the call-outs, you need to tell people why they need to click on your ad and visit your website. Another example of a call-out action is “Talented and Experienced eBook Writing Services. Quick Turnaround Time!”

When it comes to creating a PPC marketing campaign, your budget isn’t an issue.

It’s your strategy that counts. If you have a good strategy, your PPC marketing campaign will yield results if on a smaller budget. If you have a limited budget, follow these tips to the tee and see your PPC marketing campaign generate website traffic and increase sales and revenue.


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