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Evolution of Video and TV

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What do you do in your free time? Kick back with a drink and watch some nice movies, right? Ever wondered where it all started? The Television technology? Come! Let’s take a peek into the history of Televisions!
1878 – William crookes confirmed the existence of cathode rays by building a tube and displaying them,
1889 – Edison builds the first motion picture camera and names it kinetograph and record of sneeze 1894 was a short film made by W.K.L Dickson for advertisement purposes.
1895 – Augustus and Louis Lumiere invented cinematograph, the image of an oncoming train is said to have caused a stampede
1897 – German scientist Karl Ferdinand brawn constructs a cathode ray scanning device
1900 – Russian Constantine coins the word television
1910 – Edison introduces his kinetophone which makes talkies a realities
1911 – The first feature film is released when two reels of D.W.Griffith’s Enoch Arden are screened together.
1925 – In England, John Logie Baird demonstrates the first moving television pictures
1927 – First TV was designed by Philo Farnsworth a 21 year old inventor who had lived in a house without electricity
1936 – The Berlin Olympics was first telecasted by Telefunken (Using RCA equipment)
1939 – FDR was the first president to televised. RCA had launched its TRK – 12
1941 – NBC begins with a 10 second commercial of Bulova, which simply showed the face of the watch,
1941 – RCA begins production of 630 – TS the first television designed and manufactured after war.
1950 – John Logie Baird invents colour television
1970 – Introduction of fibre optic cable which improved the delivery of television programming.
1970 – Sony Created the U matic – The first commercially marketed videocassette format
1972 – Philips Corporation Introduced Video Cassette Recording at Home (VCR)
1973 – Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) introduced in united states
1976 – Betamax format of VCR introduced by Sony
1978 – PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) was the first network which delviers the programs through satellite
1994 – first PlayStation launched
1995 – 139 cable programming services available nationwide in addition to to many regional programming networks.
1997 – Netflix started offering movies on a rental basis. DVD players first became available in United States.
1998 – Commercial HDTV was launched
1999 – TiVo and ReplayTV first introduced the digital video recorders to the video technology.
2000 – Sony released PlayStation 2, which in addition to video games was also featured to play DVDs.
2001 – AT&T agreed to join hands with Comcast Corp., creating the world’s largest cable TV network with over twenty two million customers.
2002 – Roku, a media streaming devices manufacturing company was incorporated by its founder, Anthony Wood.
2002- Blueray disk introduced.
2009 –Panasonic introduces Plasma TV
2013 – Chromecast was launched.
And this isn’t the end. Every technology gets obsolete, for every technology grows by minutes. Especially something as demanding as the Television technology, the possibilities are endless! So let’s wait and watch as time plays its hand! And come what may, the experience is gonna get even better!

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