Fabulous Strategies To Scale Team Productivity

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Fabulous Strategies To Scale Team Productivity

Strategize Cleverly To Make Your Onboarding Process Smooth

There is no doubt that a skilled and dependable team is the foundation for a successful business. Hence, it makes sense to hire the best talents for better productivity. Unfortunately, hiring aggressively won’t help you build a productive team on the go. On the contrary, adding in new people might be a mundane, time-consuming process that eats into the working hours of the internal HR team.

Getting a job described, approved, advertised, and reviewed to interviewing the applicant is only the tip of the hiring workload. The onboarding process is complete only after the candidates complete their notice period, get onboarded, trained, and settle down. The whole process might throw the once-perfectly-working organization out of order.

This can pose serious trouble for businesses looking to hasten their production process with the help of new recruits. So, how to solve this productivity woe? We walk you through 5 fabulous strategies that can help you scale an efficient team without disrupting your productivity.

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6 Ways To Transform Your Recruitment Process

With onboarding challenges doubled and work balance getting immensely disrupted, organizations are now looking for ways to rectify the process. Here are the top 6 ways in which you can completely transform your recruitment process:

Change The Way You Think

Do you consider humans as resources that can be easily moved from one environment to another without any adverse effects? If yes, you need to understand that it is not as simple as that. You need to be prepared to train them and move them.

Evaluate Your Capability

Talk to your team and understand their capability levels. Ensure that your current team is adequately equipped to accommodate and train the recruits.

Allocate Downtime

Onboarding can seriously affect overall productivity. Hence, plan for adequate downtime to compensate for the time required to hire and onboard.

Rework On Expectations

Talk to your team and come up with a completely new set of expectations as new hiring procedures can affect the deliverables of the existing team.

Go For Over-Hiring

Over-hiring is probably the best way to get you out of the maximum risk zone. It also helps reduce the stress when the demands of a project increase.

Hire Existing Teams

You can easily reduce the risks by opting for existing teams who already share a rapport with each other and have worked together.

Along with implementing these solutions that prepare you for sustainable scaling, you must also try to use some smart scaling strategies. These strategies can help to deeply imbibe your organization’s culture, core values and productivity needs in your new hires.

Five Fabulous Strategies That You Should Implement

An organization should be capable of imbibing the company’s core value in every action it undertakes. Ensure that every business decision, including your hiring process, reflects your core values. Also, make sure that you revisit your goals at every growing juncture and update them consistently.

While setting expectations is the initial step, upholding values and striving to achieve these expectations is the most challenging part. Adopting values into every process, from designing office spaces and performance reviews to employee incentives and recognition, can help. The following are five subtle ways of imbibing your company values in your hiring strategies.

  1. Incorporate values in interviews

Wondering how to achieve this feat? You can do so by ensuring that your interview panel consists of an interviewer who interviews candidates and shares company values as well. This way, the candidates get to know how they are expected to perform in the company once they are hired.

  1. Offer proper feedbacks

The scaling process is incomplete without the proper exchanges of feedback. Feedback is important for an employee to improve and evolve. Hence, your company’s appraisal processes must list a comprehensive definition for each value and what it means to exceed or fall short of these expectations.

  1. Display values through office spaces

Office spaces are probably the best places to display your values. Be it your choice of furniture or art on the wall; adorn every component of your office space with values you wish to inculcate. Expressing values and culture has a greater impact on employees. Here are a few techniques to implement this brilliant idea in offices.

  • Showcase your customers: The customer is always the king. Celebrate your customers by exhibiting any of their products or moments with them that you cherish the most. You can even exhibit your very first product as photos or prototypes in your office space.
  • Celebrate your team:  Celebrate your team’s contribution by displaying photographs of team events or works of team members on the walls of your office.
  • Display vital metrics: If your business revolves around data, consider displaying monitors that exhibit your sales, reports and other vital metrics that can boost the confidence of your employees.
  1. Offer recognitions and rewards

Recognitions and rewards, such as prizes like gift cards (you can now purchase bulk gift cards), play a major role in motivating the employees to exemplify your company’s core values. Usually, companies tend to go overboard with rewards for an accomplishment like organizational growth, a spike in revenue or funding. They shower employees with incentives and rewards for attaining such achievements. However, studies reveal that simple and genuine appreciation can also make a big impact. Also, make sure that the recognitions or appreciations are conveyed to all:

  • Emails conveying appreciation and recognition must be sent to each and every member of the company.
  • Sharing or broadcasting company achievements or having a live Q& A with founders also guarantees transparency.
  1. Celebrate each employee

Be it the onboarding procedure or prepping up for their first day, let your employee know that you genuinely care for his well-being. Simple gestures like the ones listed below can make a huge difference:

  • Sending welcome emails
  • Encouraging one on one meetings with managers
  • Conducting Intensive training at least for the first month
  • Assigning a mentoring colleague
  • Accompanying them on their first lunch

Changes are bound to happen. It all depends on how you adapt to these changes and ensure that your values and culture also evolve as the company grows. A company can be productive if and only if you are open to changes. Build a fabulous team by following the above strategies for success!

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