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Features that you will actually love about Windows 8.

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Following the engaging developments at Microsoft when Windows 8 was released, there were a lot of broken hearts and frustrated minds. If you look at the life span of Windows 7 and XP, you will realize that both the operating software literally became the name of every household and office. They were so convenient and compatible with both new and old machines that it was never any doubt about the kind of success that the Microsoft’s babies will receive. Such is also the kind of expectation every time when Microsoft releases any software from its house.

However, things are different with Windows 8. Microsoft’s inspiration from America Online which is an obsolete messenger and their quest to match the smoothness of IOS completely failed. The operating software Windows 8 was released with too many critics and frustrated people. The damage was such that lots of consumers decided to adapt the initial difficulties of learning IOS and completely transfer to the new kind of operating software.In this scenario, not all was gone and there were some highly commendable features that Windows 8 promised, only that they were shadowed by the vagueness of the overall package. Today’s guest blog post is going to talk about features that you loved or will surely love from Windows 8 and we bet you are not aware of them.

Speedy Boot Time

You might not have noticed this, but Window 8 has worked tremendously hard on making sure the lead time between turning your system on to going over to the Windows interface is barely a few seconds. The new Windows 8 has this feature and the boot time for Windows since the inception of Windows 8 has significantly reduced. If you do not have any technical problems, your system should immediately go to the interface in less than 7 seconds.

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Dynamic Desktop

Even though the attempt to match smoothness and fluidity of IOS failed, but this was the first time ever when Microsoft attempted to have such a dynamic desktop and an interface for the user. The options were fast, mobile and the desktop was not rigid at all. Some consumers who really wished for a change actually loved this new idea, but only it failed to deliver on improving the overall user experience as users found hard to locate their everyday applications.

Improved Search Function

You might not have noticed, but Windows 8 also had a very dynamic search function. This means that even though the search box might not be conveniently located on the main start-menu, but it still works as efficiently as before and provides better results with less time usage.

Windows to Go

This feature is something that only a fraction of users were able to explore. No Microsoft users previously had the advantage of transferring and backing up their system with preferred the settings, folders and filters including the installed applications. The Windows to Go feature in Windows 8 is a completely synchronized tool that allows you to transfer everything from one machine to another as it is or create a backup for the future references.

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