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From a Detective’s Perspective: 4 Things That Make You an Easy Target for Burglars

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From a Detective’s Perspective: 4 Things That Make You an Easy Target for Burglars

Home break-ins happen all the time. What many people don’t realize is that certain things they do or don’t do make them a target of burglars.

The best way to avoid being a target of criminals is to think like one. While this isn’t always easy, there are some tips to implement today. The information here comes straight from detectives who have first-hand experience with home break-ins.

Keep reading to learn what makes one house more appealing to a burglar than others. Knowing what to avoid can help a homeowner avoid this fate.

  1. The House is Empty During the Day

According to security NVR, one of the most common reasons homes are targeted is because they are empty. This is contrary to popular belief that most robberies occur at night.

If someone thinks about it, this makes sense. Robbing a house while someone is in it increases the likelihood of being caught. It’s easier for a burglar to target homes while they’re empty, which is most often during the day.

Unfortunately, this problem isn’t one that’s easily remedied. Some methods for reducing the likelihood of being a target is to install a quality security system or a video doorbell.

  1. Unlocked Doors and Windows

Locking the doors may seem obvious. However, burglars know first-hand that some homeowners skip this simple precaution.

This doesn’t mean just the front door. It’s important to lock back doors, side doors, fences, and windows. If possible, install a deadbolt on the exterior door, as these make it slightly more challenging to get into a home.

  1. The Mail Piles Up

When getting ready to go on vacation, some homeowners forget to ask a friend or neighbor to take care of their mail while they are away. An overflowing mailbox or a pile of newspapers in front of a house is a signal to burglars they have found an easy target. This lets them know the house is empty.

This issue is easy to remedy. A person can pause their mail while on vacation and ask someone to pick up the newspapers. Just be careful not to overdo it while away.

Obvious signs that someone isn’t home include a TV that’s left on too loud or all the lights in the house on. These are also signs burglars look for.

  1. A Backyard that’s Easy to Access

Thieves will choose the easiest way to get into a home. Some like to use back windows because the likelihood of being seen is lower. If a home doesn’t have a fenced-in backyard, it makes it easier for the thief to gain access.

The goal for homeowners is to make it as difficult as possible to access the backyard. No one wants to go through the front door or windows. A burglar will not try to scale a 10-foot fence, either.

The more a person can do to slow down a thief and hinder their entrance, the better. This is the best way to protect a home.

Protecting a Home: Act Now

Protecting a home from potential burglars doesn’t have to be challenging. However, it is something that takes time and effort. Take the steps recommended here to ensure a home is protected in any situation.

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